The Magic Theater

laitman_284_03Question: Can I say that the wisdom of Kabbalah contains special, supernatural powers?

Answer: There is nothing supernatural. Kabbalah is the science that explains to a person how to behave in the current reality, and how to reach heaven during this lifetime.

Kabbalistic books are not related to magic. Yes, they are called “holy” because I can learn how to become “holy” with their help. In other words, I can learn to bestow, how to love the neighbors, how to become giving, and how to do good.

Question: Can I use the Kabbalistic books for something bad? For example, some people hold special ceremonies directed against a particular person.

Answer: It is a theater. Psychologically, it may have some affect, but not more than that.

A Kabbalist who owns his strength can never cause anyone any harm. After all, he is close to the Creator, evil does not come from him “by definition.”

On the other hand, there are situations where a Kabbalist can bring benefit to protect them by neutralizing a big villain who carries enormous harm to the people.

Overall, I have to learn to bear the good, to be a giver. Only then I will definitely act for the common good, and thus for the benefit of myself.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15

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