To See An Angel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We study that angels are forces. When does a person begin to clearly feel them within?

Answer: In the corporeal world, we sense various forces related to still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature. They are related to gravity, climatic phenomena, and the entire world that surrounds us.

They participate in human life by the positive or negative influences contained in them. These forces are called angels. Therefore, when we read that three “men” came to Abraham, the angels Rafael, Michael, and Gabriel, it means that he discerned these forces within. Angels are the forces of our soul, not someone from the outside. Some of these forces appear, some disappear, and their influences constantly change.

In truth, there is nothing but angels at various levels of desire. A person perceives them and classifies which of them he can advance with and which he cannot. The same is observed in our world. Only here, we recognize external forms of the forces: wind, rain, sound, people, animals, internal sensations, all of which are angels.

A Kabbalist in our world doesn’t look at the outside of phenomena. He sees through them what the Creator wishes to show and influence him by. Therefore, he focuses on the inner essence of the event and its meaning. After all, through these effects, the Creator is speaking with us. What does He want to say?

He wants us to unify the influences of all levels, still, vegetative, animate, and speaking, and bring them into our heart so that we feel only Him behind them. Then, they won’t be an obstacle that conceals the Creator any longer.
From the “Weekly Torah Portion” 10/22/10

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  1. Very nice, and it is also very comforting to look at the world this view literally, everything, as an attempt from the creator to communicate with us….a very moving post. My question would be where do we learn to interpret the message…although I suppose I really know the answer.

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