The Serpent Is The Angel of Help

Laitman_2009-11-19_9494 The Zohar, Chapter “Tazria (When A Woman Delivers),” Item 95: This is when the sinner gives strength to the Sitra Achra (evil inclination) to extend from the left, from above downwards [meaning egoistically], as did Cain. Then the serpent, called “sin,” which crouches at the door of Malchut, discloses the first point, which is hidden in Malchut, and all the lights depart from the root of the soul of the sinful person…

A person starts his correction from the lowest critical point when the serpent and Malchut, which is unable to receive any Light, are revealed. This serpent has a very important mission. This is why “the sin crouches at our door” is written in a good rather than in a bad sense.

The Creator prepared a serpent to help us enter the spiritual world. The serpent causes us to make the most basic revelation: that we are unable to receive the Light inside our egoistic desires. Don’t even try; you will be beating your head against a brick wall and will never succeed. Leave your egoistic desires because you won’t be able to do anything with them. You have to rise above them in order to “leap” above this world. This is what the serpent is explaining to a person.

The serpent comes like an angel sent to us by the Creator in order to push us towards correction. Yet, we should be grateful to the serpent for its help.

This snake comes as medication; indeed, it is not a coincidence that the snake is a symbol of medicine and poison is the basis of all medications. The Creator guides us using bites from the two serpents until we suddenly feel the nature which is above our own. We then understand that we have to rise above both of these serpents, thereby finding the One who governs them.


  1. to my respectful Prof. Michael Laitman.
    i dont quite understand on this topic.
    what does it mean?
    who or what are these serpents?
    Are they really a serpent in this real world or was it just a representetive of something else and have another meaning?
    when will they bite me?
    what will happen after they bite?
    how to find and make contact with them in order to attain their guidance?
    i really hope that you can help me to find all the answer.
    thank you so much for all your help all this time.

  2. Yes,

    I don’t understand this. I have relatives with Huntington’s Disease in my family where the brain deteriorates. Medication helps some of them deal with the chorea, inattention and psychosis that comes with the brain deterioration with it. Many of them are very spiritual but sometimes genetics needs science and medication to help so that they CAN be more sharing and receive more Light. This idea that poison from medications is sinful and serpent-like is quite confusing. If a person eats right, exercises, follows Kabbalah, and takes medication to help them share, and give more than they would if they are without it then that is GOOD and I see the Creator giving ALL doctors whether they are prescribing medication or naturopaths, gifts to help ease suffering so we CAN focus on the Light. For instance, I spent 2 years on raw foods, trying to “heal” naturally yet during that time I became very selfish because I was constantly not feeling well, detoxing and not as good as a mother to my son, worker for my family, nor focused on my creative Light. Only until recently when I decided to take my doctor’s advice to go back on the medicine I was so desperately trying to rid myself of because of the toxic myth, am I functional again and GIVING and SHARING the way I am supposed to. Our body is filled with bacteria, one can call it toxic or non toxic. Our body is filled with puss, mucus, excrement, urine, dead cells, etc. Life if filled with light and dark but I believe the Creator is beyond this duality. Is one is on medication, who devotes his time to missionary causes receiving less Light than the narcisstic health nut constantly trying to “feel” well when death doesn’t wait for anybody? Please expound on the medication/serpent analogy.



  3. How can I have faith above reason when it comes to the WE Convention…so that I am giving to the Creator and not for recognition.of my presence at WE!

  4. Dear Rav Michael Laitman,
    Please forgive me for my poor language I’m not English speaking from origin.
    For years now I have big problem with things I don’t understand. This is going on for more than 30 years now and it’s one of my reasons why I enlist Kabbalah lesson. I’m a very spiritual person. Sometimes I see things very lively in a sort of dream that than over time become true. About a month after I attend Kabbalah I had early in the in the morning (about 04:00 in the morning I had a very lively dream about a very powerful man en women. The man asks and says to me “why you attend kabbalah. I will be the one to teach you” . So I answered and say “No G-D will teach me. Is HIM I won’t to serve”. He was very angry en they went away. From that moment on I got dreams of a man or of a beautiful woman or even a snake that are threaten me to do what they want if not they will kill me. The woman is trying to seduce me and when she is not succeeding she get very angry and sometimes chance her shape. She turn one time in a very deep dark black creature with bath like wings and red eyes and started laugh very loud. This is very scary for me and I do not dear to Talk about it with any one because they will thing I’m crazy. But now I have read your article about: The Serpent Is The Angel of Help. I wonder what this mean for me. Am I really so egoistical? What can I do to change this and get well again? What is it that I have to correct?
    The last seven years I got High blood pressure, diabetic and a few cardiac arrests but since I attend kabbalah thing I going the much better and I won to keep it going that way. What can I do?



  5. Shalom Aleichem

    Thanks very much for sharing.
    I understand it fully.

    Currently, as close family member has just discovered a snake in all places, a prison cell.

    He is a Jewish man….

  6. I believe the two snakes bite you causing pain and darkness. That happens to tell you that you need Creators help for your correction. The snakes bite again for pain and correction, until you have corrected the darkness in your life to light. You cannot do it on your own. You need to call on Creator for help with every bite. The only way to correct darkness to light.

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