Charity Or Kabbalah?

wisdomneeds_thumb.jpgTwo questions I received on the benefit of charity work:

Question: I am a member of an international altruistic group. They dedicate time to help the community in many ways and they want me to be the treasurer. I want to dedicate my time to Kabbalah and therefore I feel divided about what I should do. Please help. Is helping the community considered bestowal or is disseminating Kabbalah more important?

My Answer: It’s a pity to spend time on things that do not do any good in the end, as we can see from the work of different charitable organizations.

Question: For decades I have given away at least 10% of my income. It goes to charitable organizations that provide people with ways to improve their lives as well as to the spiritual communities I belonged to prior to Kabbalah. Does this giving fit the definition of Maaser?

My Answer: No, because this money was not used to help others draw closer to the Creator and to develop their souls, but for servicing earthly bodies.

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The Language Of The Zohar Can Do Anything

clip_image001It is written that the language of The Zohar can do anything. What does that mean, exactly?

We exist inside a system. This system is comprised of individual souls that separated one from another after the breaking from Above. In the space between us, which is outside our points in the heart, we’re building a Kli (vessel) to sense the spiritual world. This vessel is necessary in order for the Creator to be revealed to the creature. This is the goal of the science of Kabbalah as well as the goal of our entire existence.


Our intention should be aimed at making the connection between us powerful enough for this vessel to become similar to the Light and to become a vessel of bestowal. The moment this vessel becomes similar to the Light on the most minimal level, the Light will be revealed in accordance with the law of equivalence of form. All of our meetings and Congresses and our entire work is intended only for us to create this common vessel of bestowal.

In the creation of this common vessel lies a very interesting phenomenon. Naturally, we must all think only of the connection between us, of the partnership, the mutual guarantee, and the unification “as one man with one heart.” This is the condition for creating this vessel and the Creator revealing Himself in it. Otherwise, He will not be revealed.

At the same time, it cannot be that I labor with great effort while others are still impeding the creation of this common vessel. By not exerting the degree of effort requisite for its revelation, others are stifling the whole process. It is possible for me to labor greatly and have the vessel reach its full power while I don’t yet feel this state nor the results of my efforts.

After all, in this common vessel of the soul, everyone depends on everyone else. This is called the mutual guarantee. Every person is responsible for everyone else for better or for worse. It’s for better in that everyone could support, encourage, and assist one another in the work. This is called the positive mutual guarantee.

The negative mutual guarantee is when everybody is connected to one another whether they want it or not. This is because the system has already been formed in the first state (state Aleph) of Infinity. However, everyone also affects others in a negative way if they are lazy and careless. This causes others to also feel a lack of a desire to advance and the goal becomes vague.

Yet, as the Kabbalists say, the language of The Zohar can do anything. Our entire advancement is recorded, remains, and exists in the system. Even if it isn’t revealed, none of our efforts disappear in the spiritual world. Rather, all of our efforts remain and are saved in the system.

As soon as our common vessel is ready on the most minimal level to be like the Light (bestowal), the Light will be revealed. We’re talking about both the quantity of friends as well as their unity as a whole to form a common vessel for sensing the spiritual world.

Therefore, we must approach the study of The Book of Zohar with the right intention, with the feeling that everything is built in the connection between us and everyone must care for his friend.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.05.10

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Shamati #10: “What Is Make Haste My Beloved, in the Work
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The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “Miketz (At The End),” Item 209
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Where Is My Soul?

clip_image001In the “Preface to the Book of Zohar, Baal HaSulam explains that the science of Kabbalah examines everything with regard to the soul. This is because we are not actually aware of anything outside of ourselves; rather, we reveal, perceive, and evaluate things through our feelings.

Therefore, when we read about the processes that occur between Zeir Anpin, Bina, and Malchut, and the connection and actions between them, it is all happening inside us, in the connection between others and me. We learn about what happens in our soul, or what our soul feels and reveals to us. Where it feels and reveals is only inside it.

That connection between me and others is, in fact, my soul. However, right now we feel that we exist in our inner corporeal body; this is our world because we don’t perceive anything else.

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The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “Miketz (At The End),” Item 164
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