Only Your Free Time Counts In Kabbalah

freetimeTwo questions I received on proper Kabbalah study:

Question: How can someone dedicate appropriate time to studies if he or she discovers Kabbalah in their 40’s and dedicates most of the day to work to maintain a family, and the little spare time to their spouse and children? It’s very hard these days to even stop and find a few minutes to study or reflect and the 40 hours a week work routine seems something so difficult to remove or change.

My Answer: It’s not a matter of time. It’s only your free time that matters and whether you contribute it entirely to your correction.

Question: I live in Israel but do not speak and read Hebrew yet. My friend who studies in a Yeshiva told me that if I learn Hebrew I will have so much more books to read about Kabbalah like Rav Kook, Rav Nachman etc. He said after a conversation that I sound like I have a good grip and is in a good position to learn Hebrew, but since I only read the books that are translated to English by Bnei Baruch I stand before many options but am limited because I only read Rabash and Baal HaSulam.
I truly feel like those books, you, and the group is enough for me, but what do I know? So my question is, can I get as far as I am supposed to go only by the books translated to English, or will my progress be better and faster if I can read books from Rav Kook and Rav Nachman too?

My Answer: What you are reading now is absolutely enough. In addition, watch us continually on the  Kabbalah TV – Channel 66. You will get all the Light from there!

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Our Bodies Have No Connection To Spiritual Forces

A question I received: I am giving a Kabbalah internet class with a group of eight people right now. One couple has studied other Kabbalah books on their own. They talk about the Sefirot as lights in parts of our body that need to be awakened and they are confusing me because I have studied with you that the Sefirot are levels of attainment.

Can you explain to me what the Sefirot really are so that I can clarify it in the group? I want to tell this couple that they can’t come and confuse the students with other Kabbalistic views that are not authentic. They also mentioned a book named Bahir that they say is very important in Kabbalah, but I haven’t heard of it here in Bnei Baruch. I need to establish with them that we study only authentic Kabbalistic writings and not every Kabbalistic book that is found out there.

My Answer: Don’t listen to those who say that our body is a receptacle of spiritual forces. This is the foundation for all mistakes. As for the book Bahir, nobody understands it and because of this, many are reading this particular book. It would be better if you would avoid these people.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.26.10

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