How To Enter The Science Of Kabbalah

clip_image001You don’t know what stages you are going through while studying The Zohar, and there is no need to be concerned with this. Your only objective is to use The Zohar as “a miraculous tool.”

Whether you feel good or bad, whether this book attracts you or pushes you away, try to keep going. Patience and continuity on this path is what will bring you success.

The most important thing is to desire to attract the Light of Correction, which will affect you so you will begin feeling and seeing the connection between your study and this Light. It won’t be a miracle anymore, but will become a revealed system. Gradually you’ll understand how it acts and how you are structured; how the Light can affect you and change your desires, thoughts, and intentions.

Also, you’ll see how you affect the Upper System that shines upon you, as well as how your desires and intentions can evoke greater or smaller Light. You will begin to be aware of this system. Just like in any field of study, initially one studies only the external connections without knowing why things are the way they are. But then one penetrates deeper into the system, begins feeling it, and builds a model of it inside oneself. And thus, one begins living in that new world.

Therefore, we can understand spirituality only by building an equivalence to it inside ourselves. If I want to understand how any machine or system works, then it’s not enough to just study it from outside. I need to build its model inside me in order to feel and understand it though my mind. Then I will understand how it works.

However, when building the spiritual model, I have to acquire the forces and qualities first, and then use them to build a model of the spiritual system. In other words, I need to acquire spiritual properties and then the system will gradually emerge and become revealed in me.

Then I will no longer need to make efforts in order to force myself to study. I will understand the entire system of Partzufim, Sefirot, and worlds, and how to purposefully affect them.

This way I will enter the science of Kabbalah and understand what The Zohar is talking about. It will guide me and tell me, “Go there, turn here, and see how it works.” That is how I will learn.

I will feel this system and work with it and all the Partzufim, worlds, and Sefirot. I will begin to reveal its internal force, called the Creator.

A Spiritual Lens

clip_image001We don’t know the qualities of the Creator Himself. We see Him the way He is perceived by our souls, meaning the way He is revealed to us when Malchut (the soul) unites with Him through Yesod – just through one point. Due to its unification with Yesod, it reveals the “picture of the Creator,” something that exists in front of it, inside itself.

This works much like an optical lens through which the Light comes to us. The rays focus in one point, from which we reveal Light in Malchut. This focus is Yesod, the only point of contact, and its revelation occurs in Malchut.

After passing through Yesod, the rays disperse and create a picture in us, in Malchut. The picture shows us what exists before this point, yet we don’t know the Upper System as we have no connection to it.

However, by adjoining it from this one point, which is the lowest point in the system, we reveal the whole picture of what exists above us. Thus, we only need to find contact with this one point; this is our point of contact with the Upper Level, Yesod, and in order for this to happen we all need to unite from the side of Malchut, thereby becoming similar to Yesod. We have to become one man with one heart, with one goal, intention, and desire in the mind and in the heart.

Through this point of contact with Yesod, through one drop of unification that we reach, the whole Upper World that is situated outside of us, becomes revealed to us. It is written, “Make Me an opening the size of a needle-eye, and I will open the Upper Gates of Light for you.” Through these gates we will reveal the whole Upper System, but the contact occurs in the smallest point of focus. Except for this, nothing else is felt in Yesod.

Everything else is revealed in Malchut, which is therefore called a picture (reflection) of the Creator.

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