Zohar Convention 2010 Lessons – 02.22.10

Zohar Convention 2010, Lesson 1
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Zohar Convention 2010, Lesson 3
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All We Have To Do Is Reveal The Desire

каббалист Михаэль ЛайтманBy simply reading The Zohar, we gradually begin to understand it. This book is not built upon explanations, but rather upon the reading itself, meaning the process where we begin to feel a clearer sensation of the Upper World.

Ima Ilaa” (the Upper Mother for all of us) is called Bina. She radiates the Surrounding Light to us. Similar to infants with wide open eyes and mouths, we should try to appeal to Her with the right intention: to become as one man with the wish to reach the quality of bestowal by revealing it within us.

This is enough. Everything else written in the book will be gradually revealed to us. What does it mean “gradually?” It means in the same way that infants learn. They don’t know any words, don’t understand what’s going on, and due to their desire to know, it happens that “this” or “that” is revealed to them and thus, they begin to understand something. This is the way that they discover the world.

This is a normal, natural approach. The Upper World is revealed to us in the same way. If we remember how we grew up and discovered this world, we will understand how to advance in spirituality.Then we will have no complaints. We will be developing in exactly the same way; nothing has changed.

Subsequently, it is easier to understand that we are not required to be “smart.” All we have to do is reveal a desire to attain the Upper World, and conform to it just a little bit.

A Circle Of Perfection

All the worlds clothe each other; each Sefira receives Light from its root – the main Sefira in the World of Infinity. For example, all the particular Sefirot of Bina receive Light from Bina of the World of Infinity; all the particular Sefirot of Tifferet receive Light from Sefira Tifferet of the World of Infinity, and so on.

On its way to the place of destination, the Light goes through all the Partzufim and Sefirot, although it only goes through them in transit as it connects to the Sefira from its root or source. We correct ourselves in this manner. Therefore, all the Sefirot and Partzufim that are on the Light’s path toward me correct themselves partially by helping to bring the Light of Tifferet to me.

I correct my connection with them because they bring the Light of Tifferet to me, but the most important correction of the quality of Tifferet occurs in me. All the other corrections occur due to our mutual inclusion into each other, and in this manner we reach a state where everyone is included in each other, and we form a circle or a sphere – a symbol of perfection.

Blame, Judgment, And Forgiveness

blameThree questions I received on relating to others:

Question: I’m yet to understand, how is man to blame for anything if there is None Else Besides Him? He pre-determines everything, so how do you criticize issues of this world at all? In addition, on the path of trying to believe there is only Him, isn’t it harmful for a person to criticize all that is around him being that this is said to only be a reflection of himself?

My Answer: Egoism was created to be changed, while everything else was created to be used in its original form.

Question: If we were to observe without judgment and live each moment with love and compassion, would suffering in the world cease to exist?

My Answer: No, it’s not enough. We have to add similarity to the Upper Force into this, because only then will we achieve true love instead of imaginary love. That is the only way all the troubles will cease to exist.

Question: With all I have read from you about Kabbalah, I have never heard a discussion of forgiveness of another human being. I run a Jewish support group and we have been focusing on forgiveness. I feel this is very important for spiritual health. I would like to know what you believe.

My Answer: When a person is above this world, there is no need to forgive anyone because he does not take resentments into account.

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The Merit Of Contemplating The Zohar

zohar100x65_preview The merit of contemplating the words in The Book of Zohar and the words of the wisdom of truth (Kabbalah) is immeasurable and priceless. And even if one has not yet come to understand the heart of the matter…the gates of Light and doors of wisdom will appear to all who walk on the path…whose soul craves nearing the King’s Hall. Hence, blessed will be all who volunteer to engage in the wisdom for even an hour or two a day. The Creator adds an act to a good thought, and it will be regarded as standing, always and everyday, in the Lord’s Court and His Abode.
The Rav Raiah Kook, Who Love Israel with Holiness, 232

I write only to evoke the hearts of disciples of sages to engage in the study of the internality of the Torah and to study the Holy Zohar as diligently as the Mishnah and the Gemarah. Yet, not all are ready for it by the nature of their souls. Hence, one who is not capable, and whose heart is keen, should certainly prolong the quip in Mishnah and Gemarah. But one who is capable of delving in the wisdom of Kabbalah, should dedicate the greater part of his study to know his Maker.
The Rav Raiah Kook, Letters, Vol. 1, 41-42