A Circle Of Perfection

All the worlds clothe each other; each Sefira receives Light from its root – the main Sefira in the World of Infinity. For example, all the particular Sefirot of Bina receive Light from Bina of the World of Infinity; all the particular Sefirot of Tifferet receive Light from Sefira Tifferet of the World of Infinity, and so on.

On its way to the place of destination, the Light goes through all the Partzufim and Sefirot, although it only goes through them in transit as it connects to the Sefira from its root or source. We correct ourselves in this manner. Therefore, all the Sefirot and Partzufim that are on the Light’s path toward me correct themselves partially by helping to bring the Light of Tifferet to me.

I correct my connection with them because they bring the Light of Tifferet to me, but the most important correction of the quality of Tifferet occurs in me. All the other corrections occur due to our mutual inclusion into each other, and in this manner we reach a state where everyone is included in each other, and we form a circle or a sphere – a symbol of perfection.

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