Blame, Judgment, And Forgiveness

blameThree questions I received on relating to others:

Question: I’m yet to understand, how is man to blame for anything if there is None Else Besides Him? He pre-determines everything, so how do you criticize issues of this world at all? In addition, on the path of trying to believe there is only Him, isn’t it harmful for a person to criticize all that is around him being that this is said to only be a reflection of himself?

My Answer: Egoism was created to be changed, while everything else was created to be used in its original form.

Question: If we were to observe without judgment and live each moment with love and compassion, would suffering in the world cease to exist?

My Answer: No, it’s not enough. We have to add similarity to the Upper Force into this, because only then will we achieve true love instead of imaginary love. That is the only way all the troubles will cease to exist.

Question: With all I have read from you about Kabbalah, I have never heard a discussion of forgiveness of another human being. I run a Jewish support group and we have been focusing on forgiveness. I feel this is very important for spiritual health. I would like to know what you believe.

My Answer: When a person is above this world, there is no need to forgive anyone because he does not take resentments into account.

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