Only Your Free Time Counts In Kabbalah

freetimeTwo questions I received on proper Kabbalah study:

Question: How can someone dedicate appropriate time to studies if he or she discovers Kabbalah in their 40’s and dedicates most of the day to work to maintain a family, and the little spare time to their spouse and children? It’s very hard these days to even stop and find a few minutes to study or reflect and the 40 hours a week work routine seems something so difficult to remove or change.

My Answer: It’s not a matter of time. It’s only your free time that matters and whether you contribute it entirely to your correction.

Question: I live in Israel but do not speak and read Hebrew yet. My friend who studies in a Yeshiva told me that if I learn Hebrew I will have so much more books to read about Kabbalah like Rav Kook, Rav Nachman etc. He said after a conversation that I sound like I have a good grip and is in a good position to learn Hebrew, but since I only read the books that are translated to English by Bnei Baruch I stand before many options but am limited because I only read Rabash and Baal HaSulam.
I truly feel like those books, you, and the group is enough for me, but what do I know? So my question is, can I get as far as I am supposed to go only by the books translated to English, or will my progress be better and faster if I can read books from Rav Kook and Rav Nachman too?

My Answer: What you are reading now is absolutely enough. In addition, watch us continually on the  Kabbalah TV – Channel 66. You will get all the Light from there!

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  1. I am 63 and new to Kabbalah and very grateful for your site. My problem is that I pretty much have to study on my own because my only internet access is at work and I can’t get in on week-ends and evenings to access it. I have read several books from your site but where do I go next? What should I be reading and doing? Should I even attempt to read Zohar on my own?

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