Charity Or Kabbalah?

wisdomneeds_thumb.jpgTwo questions I received on the benefit of charity work:

Question: I am a member of an international altruistic group. They dedicate time to help the community in many ways and they want me to be the treasurer. I want to dedicate my time to Kabbalah and therefore I feel divided about what I should do. Please help. Is helping the community considered bestowal or is disseminating Kabbalah more important?

My Answer: It’s a pity to spend time on things that do not do any good in the end, as we can see from the work of different charitable organizations.

Question: For decades I have given away at least 10% of my income. It goes to charitable organizations that provide people with ways to improve their lives as well as to the spiritual communities I belonged to prior to Kabbalah. Does this giving fit the definition of Maaser?

My Answer: No, because this money was not used to help others draw closer to the Creator and to develop their souls, but for servicing earthly bodies.

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  1. So, can we deduce that the acts of charity will slow down the advancement toward spirituality, because will alleviate that person or persons, from the blows and they will not be “obliged” by the situation to “pray” to the Creator?

  2. Dear Rav;

    Are you suggesting that we should not contribute to any charitable organization other than Kabbalah based organizations? We should ignore Haiti and let millions suffer and die; somehow does not seem very loving; what about love your neighbor as yourself or treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Love is all there is.


  3. Tithing 10% is an acknowledgement that the creator has provided you with what you’ve ‘earned.’ You’re saying “This money was given to me and is not mine so I give it back to the Universe to show my appreciation.” I’ve seen when tithing with a Kabbalah organization that money happens to come back to you. When tithing with an outside organization it comes back as well but different.

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