Angels in Kabbalah

Angels in KabbalahA question I received: My name is Noga and I receive messages from angels. I feel that my purpose and mission is to help people, and deliver them these messages. I am interested in studying Kabbalah, and I watch your broadcasts every morning. What I wanted to know is whether Kabbalah believes in this ability to communicate with angels? And is it positive?

My Answer: Angels are not images but forces, just like any other force in our world, such as gravity, pressure, radiation, and so on. Being at the level of these forces means ascending spiritually to the levels of the worlds Yetzira and Beria, and acquiring the equivalent forces of bestowal at these levels, instead of the desire to perceive, as is the case with you. You will see just how difficult this is to do when you read the article “Preface to the Book of Zohar.” My suggestion to you is to either stop fooling yourself or stop studying Kabbalah, which is nothing other than a science of self-correction.

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  1. I am at page 427 in your book “Attaining the World’s Beyond”….I have found it lucid and helpful in my attempts to understand my soul’s journey…thank you for efforts in writing it and having it published.

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