Changing a Kabbalistic Melody

Changing a Kabbalistic MelodyA question I received: The first time I ever heard the melody Bnei Heichala, I felt that it was very dear to me. Could I write an adaptation to these melodies? It would require changing the melody a little. Would this decrease their value?

My Answer: The value will definitely be decreased, but there is a chance that the melody in this form will touch several other souls…

Different Versions of “Bnei Heichala” taken from the “Melodies of Baal HaSulam” page on

Sung by Rabash
Instrumental Version
Performed Live by a Small Ensemble
Modern Version (Ambient + Metal)




  3. Since I heard for the first time all this wonderful kabbalistic music I had the feeling that it had been in my heart forever. It’s like a feeling of traveling in time!
    Does it happen to everyone

  4. Is it possible to get an English translation of the titles in Hebrew ( 22 melodies) on the 3 CD’s ?  I have “The Music of Kabbalah” & have given it to many “English speakers”.  They all ask what do the titles mean in English?
    How ever the feeling is certainly DIVINE.
    Thank you for what ever information you could provide.
    Sally Hori

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