Questions and Answers to Posts in This Blog – 2

Questions and Answers to Posts in This Blog - 2Two questions in response to the post “Men and Women in Kabbalah: Is it possible for woman to achieve Moses’ level of development of the soul?

My Answer: The Torah states that every person will achieve this level.

Question: Were there women who became true, great Kabbalists? And if the first is true, then why aren’t there any female teachers?

My Answer: There have been both female Kabbalists, and female teachers, for example, the prophetesses.

Question in response to the post “Why Is Studying Kabbalah Good for You?: I neither have a teacher nor a group, so does that mean that I don’t have a choice and I have nowhere to go? The only thing that people around me think about is how to survive another day, how to pay rent, and getting some food makes them happy. So what am I supposed to do, wait for another reincarnation? Did I end up in the wrong place at the wrong time?

My Answer: The Creator has placed you into the most appropriate conditions for your correction in this world. Also, He may possibly change these conditions according to the extent of your movement towards Him. In any case, since you see the truth, you need to concern yourself with studying and correcting yourself regardless of your location, and Kabbalah has found its way to you, which means that the Creator has sent it to you. Read the article: “There Is None Else Beside Him.”

Question in response to the post “How to Make Nature Change: How will people be able to change their desires, mind, and heart over a short period of time? The only thing that we see is the growth of anti-natural technologies and an increase in the quantity of ingenious methods of gaining control over the human mind. Don’t you think that it’s too late to save us from our own selves?

My Answer: No, it’s not. The time of correction will be millions of times faster than the time in which we’ve developed through our egoism, because it will take place through the Light’s influence. This means that we will spend our time only correcting whatever we have done over the thousands of years!

Question in response to the post “Love Covers All Sins: Concerning your speech in the film The Seed of Life*: I am a lady. Will I always recarnate into a female body, and never into a male body? Did I understand you correctly?

My Answer: Yes – be happy about getting a chance to realize the calling that the Creator has given to you!

Question in response to the post “Where Is Our Moses?: As I read your posting and “The Arvut,” I cannot help but feel that this applies to my own country, the United States. Politicians and televangelists preach “God’s word,” but the U.S. honestly does not love one another as the Wisdom of Kabbalah states. Though I know it has another meaning according to Kabbalah, we are not our brother’s keeper.

I am a beginner and am making a lot of mistakes in my path of learning this wisdom, but I see now how huge the ego of myself and my country is and the destruction it is causing inside and outside. The fact that the United States does not have national health insurance like Europe and other continents and countries says a lot.

I am re-reading your Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kabbalah, and I am not sure if I understand this correctly – the chaos outside me actually comes from within me. To correct this, I need to correct myself. I will read your post “How to Make Nature Change” for more wisdom.

My Answer: Correction begins with the person, and it takes place by disseminating Kabbalah throughout the world, in order to provide every person with the opportunity to discover it, without pressure, and start their correction. After this, the rest of the world will follow.



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