Do Kabbalists Need an Army?

Do Kabbalists Need an Army?A question I received: Do Kabbalists need an army? King David was fighting and it did not prevent him from attaining the Creator. Should the Israeli army become an army of Kabbalists? Of course, a war has to be fought on the levels higher than our world but we always say that until Gmar Tikkun (final correction) we have to react adequately on all corporeal dangers. The more Kabbalah spreads, the more it will attract enemies who will fear and hate it because of its mysterious force. Egoism will react, defending itself by all means. Maybe we need to create a Kabbalistic “militia”?

My Answer: In general, all correction should take place at the level of forces/desires. However, when a man fails, or moreover, if he doesn’t want to correct himself and thus breaks his communication with the Creator, with the Light, with the desires at that level, then that same Light will influence him on the level at which he descended: our corporeal level, “our world.” Then, all the forces he should have corrected become his enemies, diseases, and other plagues at the level of our world. Thus, the need to fight each other at the level of our world is a consequence of the failure to correct our egoism, the failure to achieve “Love Thy Neighbor,” and the failure to correct ourselves in due time. If we would have succeeded in correcting ourselves, then all wars would have taken place at the level of forces. Kabbalists have their forces, and as such, have no need for an army. I’m positive that the world will see a need in us, and won’t see us as enemies.

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What Is the Spiritual Root of the Holocaust?

What Is the Spiritual Root of the Holocaust?A question I received: What is the spiritual root of the Holocaust?

My Answer: When the discrepancy between the nation of Israel and its spiritual root reaches a critical point, it produces an impact effect from the correcting, reforming force of the Light. Baal HaSulam writes that even in our time, by not wanting to fulfill our task of correcting ourselves and the world, we are attracting upon ourselves the next blow.

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What Is Religion?

What Is Religion?A comment I received to my post “Religions are Expressions of Culture, Not Absolute Higher Knowledge: All the religions that exist in our world are not real. They are nothing more than cultural traditions. Baal HaSulam writes about genuine religion in his article, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.” There he answers three questions: “What is the essence of religion? Is religion’s purpose attained in this world or in the world to come? Is religion intended for the good of the Creator or the good of the creatures?” Further on he explains what genuine religion is, and it’s clear that by the word “religion,” he means Kabbalah. What should this religion lead to? It should lead to man’s correction. And how will this correction be realized? It’ll be realized through the Light that returns us to the source, called “Torah.”

My Response:
But still, a question remains:
What religion is common to all?
What’s your opinion?