What Is Religion?

What Is Religion?A comment I received to my post “Religions are Expressions of Culture, Not Absolute Higher Knowledge: All the religions that exist in our world are not real. They are nothing more than cultural traditions. Baal HaSulam writes about genuine religion in his article, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.” There he answers three questions: “What is the essence of religion? Is religion’s purpose attained in this world or in the world to come? Is religion intended for the good of the Creator or the good of the creatures?” Further on he explains what genuine religion is, and it’s clear that by the word “religion,” he means Kabbalah. What should this religion lead to? It should lead to man’s correction. And how will this correction be realized? It’ll be realized through the Light that returns us to the source, called “Torah.”

My Response:
But still, a question remains:
What religion is common to all?
What’s your opinion?


  1. What religion is common to all – I get impression that all religions do rest on belief that there is the upper force, they call it differently though – also most of them propagate that a person need to look “into him/herself and around and see”. But somehow they simplified them so much that they got distorted through times and are as far away from the truth as they can be. What would be your answer to this question?

  2.  I find the term “religion” to be quite inadequate to describe the reciprocal bond  and accessible intimacy between mankind and the Creator.
    Abraham did not practice a religion; he adhered to a “bond” (/brit), as did the Children of israel when they renewed this bond and expanded it upon leaving the dominion of Pharaoh and before entering the Holy Land.
    The term “religion” is a term of falsehood and exile produced by our disconnect, and the expelling of the Divine feminine (/Shechina) as a byproduct of our building collective and individualistic egos.
    Instead we have build “foreign God” paradigms that serve our cultural collective and individual egos. These “virtual/ synthetic” gods are projections of mankind’s deficiencies and serve ego, rather than humanity correcting themselves to draw intimately closer to “all there really is” (the Creator).

  3. “What religion is common to all?

    1.  The notion of Light & Truth or Love seems to be common to all the religions. Those shared tenets across religions are shared with the Kabbalah. 

    2.  Any human organization/creation will have ego, necessarily (right or off?–since we have genetic makeups and environments).  

    3.  The common religion to all could be the shared Truth of each, collectively.   The shared truth across traditions would be The Truth, without the ego. 
    4.  From my short acquaintance with Kabbalah, it seems purer, refreshingly & more intensely focused on loving one another & the Creator, and less egoistic.  Very interestingly and necessarily, of course, Kabbalah is laden with much tradition that is also foreign to me and most from my part of the world. 

  4. SHALOM, Let us remember that the most important question for everyone is: What is the meaning of my life?..Why am I here? When these are truly pondered, true answers come forth..spirituality. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, no..we are spiritual beings having a physical experience! Religion can not and does not entertain nor answer these questions. Kabbalah however, can and does entertain and answer these questions because quite simply Kabbalah is not religion.


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