Black Cats and Psychics

Black Cats and PsychicsA question I received: Man is the most intelligent creature on the planet. Yet the more intelligent and developed he is, the more he wholeheartedly believes in the biggest nonsense. People accept superstitions without any criticism. And the same thing happens when “smart” men, with academic degrees and professorial positions, begin to mumble something about God and faith, start spitting when they see a black cat, or throwing the dice with their “lucky” hand. Why does this happen? Why does a rational person become totally brainless when he encounters the unexplained?

My Answer: A smart person is one who understands that he actually doesn’t understand anything and never will. He sees the limits of what’s attainable and the limited human ability to attain. This is a sign of great development, and the reason behind today’s renewed interest in religion. Such an interest, however, will be short-lived. It will be replaced by disappointment and the revelation of Kabbalah, which provides knowledge, the means to attain the Upper world, eternity, and control over one’s fate.

A question I received: How does Kabbalah explain the existence of psychics and their abilities?

My Answer: Psychic ability is nothing more than a sensation on the animate level of our world: a sensation of the human organism, nature, and society. Kabbalah has no engagement with this level, because it will ultimately vanish.

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