Practical Advice by Rabash

RabashExcerpts from Rabash’s articles about the society.

We have gathered here to establish a society for all those interested in following the path and method of Baal HaSulam—the way to climb the rungs of man, and not remain as a beast.
–“The Purpose of Society 1”

We have gathered here to establish a society where each can follow the spirit of bestowal upon the Creator. And to bestow upon the Creator, we must first bestow upon man, and this is called “love of man.”

Love of man can only be with self annulment. On the one hand, each of us should feel humbled, and on the other hand, we should be proud that the Creator has given us the opportunity to partake in a society whose members have but one goal: to discover the Creator among us.
–“The Purpose of Society 1”

By being together in a group, like brothers, with love of friends, we can rise to adhesion with the Creator. This ladder is called “the path of bestowal,” and it is against our nature. Therefore, to be able to achieve it, there is but one advice: love of friends. Through it, each can help his friend.
–“Love of Friends”

The advice for achieving bestowal and the rule, “love thy friend,” is love of friends. If each is annulled before his friend and mingles with him, the small parts that want love of man become a single mass, united into a collective force. And each person has such great strength, he can realize the love of man. And then each of them can achieve love of God.
–“According to What Is Explained Concerning Love Your Friend” [Read more →]

How to Use Anger

How to Use AngerA question I received: Who should you release your personal anger on? Sometimes it’s felt very strongly, and so I wanted to know how it can be used, whether at all.

My Answer: There is no one quality that was created in us without a purpose, and we need to use all of them, including anger. However, how we actually use anger needs to be clarified. When feeling angry, we first need to unite with the One who initiates our existence – the Creator (“There is none else beside Him”) – and our initial conditions for being able to do so are in having a Reshimo and a desire. We then need to determine what depends on us, to which we say “If I am not for me, then who is?” As a result, we should come to hate that which is within us, preventing us from uniting our entire sensation into one whole (“Israel, Torah and the Creator.” Read Baal HaSulam’s letter “Taking the True Path,”* in Pri Chacham, pages 63-64). We should then come to hate external disturbances, treating them as impurities, and neutralize them within ourselves. And because of “the necessity to practice caution with the laws of nature,” one should take after the collective (see Baal HaSulam’s article “The Freedom,” item “Take After the Collective”).

* Note: Baal HaSulam’s letter “Taking the True Path” is not yet available in English, however, below is an English translation of a lesson on this letter with M. Laitman.

Lesson on Pri Chacham Letter on p. 63 – “Taking the True Path”

In Spirituality, Only the Effort Counts

In Spirituality, Only the Effort CountsA question I received: Dear Rav, the path of Kabbalah has become my salvation, it’s something to live for, every day I immerse myself deeper into Kabbalah and this makes me happy, I receive the answers to all of the questions that just wouldn’t let me be throughout my entire life, I see the light and the way to rid myself of my egoism. I’ve just read about people that don’t hear things, that “fall asleep,” so what should my attitude be towards the fact that we fall asleep during the web class?

My Answer: Sometimes I would fall asleep during Rabash’s lessons. It happens and there are many reasons why. However, one needs to continue studying and do everything that’s in one’s power, like going to the lesson even when knowing that he might end up falling asleep. It’s because we don’t want knowledge, but the entrance to spirituality. Spirituality is awarded according to a person’s effort, and not according to one’s knowledge of the material.

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