There Is No Compromising with the Laws of Nature

There Is No Compromising with the Laws of NatureA question I received: What do you think, will Kabbalah be able to compromise with other teachings, or will it swallow everything in its process of spreading? I’m talking with regard to religions, other views of Kabbalah, and other teachings in general. We who spread Kabbalah will have to react in some kind of way sooner or later. So how should we react?

My Answer: Truth will emerge on its own, but by means of lengthy suffering, wars, and destruction. Every person who disseminates Kabbalah is motivated by the aspiration to diminish the suffering of the masses. Thus, to answer your question of how we should react: we need to speak the truth about the world and the cause of suffering. And then, should we criticize others in the process? Generally, no – because the evolution of egoism itself will bring them to their failure, and they will gradually change and become like Kabbalah, or they’ll disappear altogether. Compromising means coming to terms on common grounds and agreeing on certain matters, but this is impossible when it comes to Kabbalah, as there is no compromising with the laws of nature.

How to Fulfill Teenage Emptiness

How to Fulfill Teenage EmptinessA question I received in response to an Israeli news post “8% of Teenagers in Israel Have Tried to Commit Suicide: A recent study shows that approximately 8% of teenagers in Israel have at some point tried to commit suicide. This is a plea for help. We need to listen to our teenagers and be mindful of their concerns.

My Answer: It’s not the teenagers who have a plea for help. It’s their inner emptiness, the Reshimo that is crying out for fulfillment. Thus, we should give them the method capable of fulfilling this Reshimo: Kabbalah. My children never went through any such states. We raised them within Bnei Baruch’s framework, by teaching them Kabbalah’s basic concepts, and none of them (in all possible age groups, from 2 to 20 and up) have ever shown such problems.

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Disseminating the Wisdom of Kabbalah to Whom You Love

Disseminating the Wisdom of Kabbalah to Whom You LoveA question I received: Whenever I recommend Kabbalah to someone, I do it on the basis of my personal sensations and experience. I feel a loss for words because I’m talking about sensations that can’t be put into words. The more I study, the more I realize that this is such an intimate path, and that this inner path can only be explored by someone asking “What’s the meaning of my life?” – one who has come to strongly feel that there’s no fulfillment in the material world. I find my meaning only from sensing clearly that this world has nothing more to offer. So how can I spread this to the entire world?

My Answer: Many people feel that the world has nothing more to offer them, so help them!

(Continuing the question) I think that the only thing I can do is give people the exalted words of Kabbalists, and nothing more than this – that they’ll touch whoever they touch. I understand that this is something we need to do, but I don’t know what to do about not being able to say anything about it.

My Answer: Imagine that you’re speaking to the person’s point in the heart, their desire for spirituality.

Another question I received on the topic of dissemination: I understand the “top of the pyramid” concept, where the smallest minority of people in the world have the highest quality of desires, i.e. those for spirituality. But at the same time, all the other levels of the pyramid are needed too. So what is the purpose of dissemination? Is it only for personal progress past the Machsom?

My Answer: In our era, personal progress is impossible without all souls moving toward unity as one whole. The entire pyramid has to be pulled upward. When you acquire the property of love and bestowal, then you disseminate for the sake of those whom you love.