There Is No Compromising with the Laws of Nature

There Is No Compromising with the Laws of NatureA question I received: What do you think, will Kabbalah be able to compromise with other teachings, or will it swallow everything in its process of spreading? I’m talking with regard to religions, other views of Kabbalah, and other teachings in general. We who spread Kabbalah will have to react in some kind of way sooner or later. So how should we react?

My Answer: Truth will emerge on its own, but by means of lengthy suffering, wars, and destruction. Every person who disseminates Kabbalah is motivated by the aspiration to diminish the suffering of the masses. Thus, to answer your question of how we should react: we need to speak the truth about the world and the cause of suffering. And then, should we criticize others in the process? Generally, no – because the evolution of egoism itself will bring them to their failure, and they will gradually change and become like Kabbalah, or they’ll disappear altogether. Compromising means coming to terms on common grounds and agreeing on certain matters, but this is impossible when it comes to Kabbalah, as there is no compromising with the laws of nature.

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  1. Within the heart, there is now compromising.

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