Turning Anger Into Progress

Turning Anger Into ProgressA question I received: It’s good to be able to justify, but how can I do it if I feel a burning anger for the whole world? I mean, a person has nothing but his own feelings, and if he feels bad, then how can he justify it? I know that you have to remember everything as coming from above, and that “there is none else beside Him.” But what about everything that is truly wrong? Even when I do appeal to the Creator to save me from my feelings, and to correct my intention, I feel stuck. What should I do?

My Answer: We can’t correct our own selves; only the Upper Light can, because only the Upper Light can create every action in our world. We are under the illusion that we do things. We move as if we’re in the dark, thinking that we are this world’s active objects. However, in reality, our desires influence the Upper Light and evoke its reactions to the degree of our similarity or dissimilarity to Him. The Upper Light’s program is to raise us to become like Him. If our actions are against this program, we then evoke upon ourselves its corrective response, the negative force – suffering. If we study His action, and aspire to become like Him and correspond to His program, we’ll then start feeling comfortable. We’ll begin revealing the Light – the Creator – and feeling ourselves inside Him, in the world of eternity and perfection.

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