Why Are Men Going Off Sex?

Why Are Men Going Off Sex?News Story: Why Are Men Going Off Sex?

“Men are increasingly going off sex due to stress, depression and the inability to talk about their problems, experts have claimed.

A team at a relationship counselling service has reported a whopping 40 per cent increase in the number of lazy blokes, admitting that, despite being physically able to have sex, they don’t have any interest.

‘They tend to be men in their thirties, forties and fifties and married. It is a serious issue. It counts as a psychosexual dysfunction, rather than just a relationship problem, because these men haven’t simply gone off their partner but off sex altogether,’ a newspaper quoted Peter Bell of the organisation as saying.”

My Response: The feeling of emptiness, the lack of fulfillment from the Upper Source – even if only subconscious – leads to general depression and the suppression of all bodily desires. Lately this isn’t just a problem, but a universally acknowledged fact.

However, the study of Kabbalah brings about an outburst of all desires and growth of egoism, both on a widespread scale and individually. It is written, “since the destruction of the Temple, only those who work to become similar to the Creator have retained the true taste of copulation.” Mainly, this refers to spiritual copulation – Zivug de Haka’a with the Upper Light, but it also has results in our world. It is talking about people who are working on the intention to bestow…

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On Good and Evil

On Good and EvilA question I received: How do you explain the fact that during the Holocaust, there were people among the nations of the world who put their lives in danger to save Jews, sometimes even sacrificing their own lives?

My Answer: If we look at this not from the level of our world, then all people are carrying out instructions from above, including everyone who participated in the Holocaust. If we look at this from the level of our world, then this indicates that one’s soul came from the right part of AdamHesed (mercy).

This doesn’t nullify my earthly attitude toward such a person, my attitude of kindness and gratitude. However, at the same time, I realize that I relate to him in such a way and act in such a way on the earthly level, whereas he acted mercifully because he was initiated like that from above. “Goodness is done from above through those who merit it, and evil is done through those who merit it” – I respect those through whom the Creator does apparent good to the world (rather than concealed good).

A question I received: In the movies, good always wins, and all the battles are fought against evil – but isn’t this just the desire to receive?

My Answer: Yes! Everything in our world is egoistic (the desire to receive), including all the best things!

Where Is Jesus Christ in Kabbalah?

Where Is Jesus Christ in Kabbalah?A question I received: The information you present to the world is fascinating. Everyone in my family is Orthodox Christian, and I’ve read the Bible and the New Testament since childhood. My question is: Where is Jesus Christ in your science? This worries me most of all, and is the only thing about your method that raises a concern.

My Answer: He’s absent, because I only base my teaching on the three main Kabbalists: Rashbi (The Book of Zohar), the Ari, and Baal HaSulam (view his available works in English). Just like any other science, Kabbalah bears no relation to any religion. It is the physics of forces that are perceived and examined through our sixth sense – the corrected desire.

In contrast, religion speaks about carrying out certain actions and rituals in our world, rather than correcting one’s egoism by means of the Upper Light. However, all religions want this action attributed to them.

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