On Good and Evil

On Good and EvilA question I received: How do you explain the fact that during the Holocaust, there were people among the nations of the world who put their lives in danger to save Jews, sometimes even sacrificing their own lives?

My Answer: If we look at this not from the level of our world, then all people are carrying out instructions from above, including everyone who participated in the Holocaust. If we look at this from the level of our world, then this indicates that one’s soul came from the right part of AdamHesed (mercy).

This doesn’t nullify my earthly attitude toward such a person, my attitude of kindness and gratitude. However, at the same time, I realize that I relate to him in such a way and act in such a way on the earthly level, whereas he acted mercifully because he was initiated like that from above. “Goodness is done from above through those who merit it, and evil is done through those who merit it” – I respect those through whom the Creator does apparent good to the world (rather than concealed good).

A question I received: In the movies, good always wins, and all the battles are fought against evil – but isn’t this just the desire to receive?

My Answer: Yes! Everything in our world is egoistic (the desire to receive), including all the best things!

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