Where Is Jesus Christ in Kabbalah?

Where Is Jesus Christ in Kabbalah?A question I received: The information you present to the world is fascinating. Everyone in my family is Orthodox Christian, and I’ve read the Bible and the New Testament since childhood. My question is: Where is Jesus Christ in your science? This worries me most of all, and is the only thing about your method that raises a concern.

My Answer: He’s absent, because I only base my teaching on the three main Kabbalists: Rashbi (The Book of Zohar), the Ari, and Baal HaSulam (view his available works in English). Just like any other science, Kabbalah bears no relation to any religion. It is the physics of forces that are perceived and examined through our sixth sense – the corrected desire.

In contrast, religion speaks about carrying out certain actions and rituals in our world, rather than correcting one’s egoism by means of the Upper Light. However, all religions want this action attributed to them.


  1. People ask me this all the time – can you elaborate some more about our fixation with Jesus? Should people who pray and believe in Jesus stop and start studying Kabbalah?

  2. Jesus has got nothing to do with an (if) empty convencional tradition, just as Moses or any prophet have got nothing to do with any jewish ritualism. Christianity is absent from kabbalah, just as any religion devoid of religious experience is devoid of meaning. The ultimate goal of kabbalah is to experience God and the underlying unity between everything. That´s religion by definition. If any religion doesn´t provide us with that experience, it´s far from being usefull.

  3. When Christ was crucified, wasn’t the inner veil of the temple torn asunder… does this not refer to the masach and the ohr pnimi. Kabbalah teaches that the Messiah is a light that corrects the 32 parts of the Heart upon Gmar Tikkun.. they teach that he is a pulling force from above.

    Orthodoxy teaches that the Messiah is a flesh and blood man who assumed human nature in order to unite man with divinity, so that we can have a sensation of the Creator through the love of him as being Incarnated upon the Earth and having sacrificed himself, so that our sense of shame and sin is corrected in our hearts. How can we have equivalence of Form with a Creator we cannot approach in the flesh?

  4. I’m just trying to put Jesus Christ in some compartment in my brain. If he is not who he claimed he was in the bible then was he a mad man or what? Please help myself and many others get over this hurdle.

  5. I am pretty sure all those people are not talking about Jesus the one that was used to create a religion. Them as same as me want to know why Jesus said phrases from the Zohar and teached Zohar’s teaching. I think that you are evading responsability when a Christian ask a question that could be perfectly answered with a little of love, quality; that is also teached in The zohar.

  6. I believe that Jesus Christ knew of Kabbalah, as well as other spiritual beliefs and practices not just those emanating from Israel. This is obvious from the unprecedented wisdom he displayed during his time. He was the first to openly and publicly speak of the ‘Kingdom of God’ – the 99% of reality – to the poor, the women, the diseased and to non-Jews. His message, the most important thing he left behind, is that of love and the elimination of the ego, which are also key concepts in Kabbalah. Perhaps it is only the effect of time, and some misinterpretations along the way, that have distanced the public perception of Yeshua from Kabbalah.

  7. Jesus veiled many Kabbalistic truths when he spoke to the masses (Matthew 13:34). “All these things Jesus spoke unto the multitudes in parables; and without a parable he spake not unto them” (KJV). Especially, when Jesus referred to the innermost power of the soul, he spoke in metaphors. An example of such a metaphor, is when Jesus refers to the “God-within” or illuminated soul: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you…” (Luke 17:20-21, KJV).

    He also refers to “The Father in secret”: “…pray to thy Father which is in secret…” (Matthew 6:18, KJV). This is another Kabbalistic reference to the eternal spark known as “neshamah” or the God-like quality of each individual soul.

    When Jesus refers to himself as the “Son of Man” (Mark 10:45, KJV), he is using a Kabbalistic phrase that was also used by Ezekiel and Daniel in The Jewish Bible, “Son of man, speak to the children of thy people” (Ezek. 33:2, JPS), “there came with the clouds of heaven one like unto a son of man” (Dan. 7:13, JPS). In Kabbalah, the term “Son of Man” describes the soul’s downward refection of the original man “created” on the sixth day (Gen. 1:27, JPS). This original man is known in Kabbalah as “The Adam Kadmon” (the first and last Adam).

    Paul refers to Jesus as the “the last Adam”: 1 Corinthians 15:45, “The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit” (KJV). This title of A-dam Kad-mon is defined as, “the one and only (or only begotten) ‘Over Soul’ of all humanity.” According to Kabbalah,, the first Adam breaks apart (or is crucified) into trillions of “little souls”. Each descending soul becomes a “Son of Man” that is striving to reach spiritual perfection. When these trillions of souls have achieved “messianic consciousness”, they will reunite to form “the last Adam”. This “resurrection” of the last Adam Kadmon will come at “the end of times”, or the end of the physical Universe (that gave its life for the sake of all mankind; Einstein’s Big Crunch). At this final stage in matter, all souls will experience an “ascension” back to pure Spirit, or the One Divine Source.

    When examining the sayings of Jesus, it becomes apparent that he was familiar with the ancient wisdom teachings of Kabbalah and the messianic power of each individual soul. His intended message came straight from the heart of Kabbalistic philosophy: “the soul enters into this Universe by immaculate conception (as spirit falls into matter), and then exits when the Universe comes to an end (as matter ascends back into spirit).”

  8. The essence of the teachings of Jesus (or, Yeshua), IS basically what Kabbalah is. So to me, there is no distinction, and no contradiction.

    One Love

  9. Before one ponders this question, I think it is of utmost importance to make the distinction between the Man, Jesus, and the religion attributed to him.

    Christianity, as we know it, has evolved out of a fourth century Roman lie. In the contemplation of Kabbalah and Jesus one must first forget the ‘Christian’ religion as we know it and look more deeply into the life and the teachings of the Man, Jesus, and not upon the teachings about him.

    Do this, and I think you will have little problem coming to your own conclusions.

    Have a wonderful day !

  10. Yeshua was a Jewish man who taught Jewish thoughts and principals about the Creator.He introduced the common man to truth and the idea of loving one’s neighbor as himself.He brought what had been hidden from many into the open-and he was killed for it..What he taught had nothing to do with the religion that was blended with false teachings,which the Romans accomplished after his death in order to control people.

  11. I have just started the Kabbalah lessons with a little trepidation because of “Christian” infuences. I am loving it, It has made the sayings of Yeshua come alive,
    The music lifts me, everything “fits” within me yet when I put a link on a site I frequent it was countered by a link of the “crucifixion” I have experienced my first antisemitism!!! ….I feel a little lonely out here! (and a little scared)

  12. i see a lot of similarities between kabbalah and theosophy, (introduced by H.P Blavatsky). could you comment on this.

    thanks, al dimskis

  13. I would like to know is Kabbalah an Occult. If so how, and if not why not? I based my belief after the order of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I recall in John 16:13-15 (Howebeit, when He the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth; for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall He speak; and He will show you things to come. He shall glorify me for He shall receive of mine and shall shew it unto you. All things that the Father have are mine (Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah, Ben-Adonai) and shall show it unot you. Ok as I am reading some of the messages here – they say Kabbulah study no religion but pure energy. Isn’t the Creator of the Universe Pure Energy – which equal GOD! How can we separate Pure Energy of God from Kabbalah. So if Kabbalah believes in Pure Energy – then Kabbulah must believe in Almighty God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – for all three make one – that is why He is called ELOHIM! UNITY in One. Ok elaborate on this for me. I appreciate your response.

  14. According to 18th century Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle, Jesus was sent to bring the Kabbalistic wisdom to the rest of the world in a language they can understand. He is their conduit back to the true soul of the Torah.

  15. Numbers 23:19 G-d is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent: Hath he said and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? See Genesis 1:26-28 for further confirmation of this statement. Kaballah is a path to establishing a relationship with the Creator.

  16. thank you all for interesting thoughts! i am delighted that so many people on this blog are exploring deep thoughts and sharing openly. for me to understand who jesus was and what he said, i have needed to study aramaic since jesus/eshua thought and prayed and spoke mostly in aramaic. sure he knew the prayers in hebrew from the synagogues and torah studies, but aramaic was the common spoken language at that time. according to my root aramaic teacher dr george lamsa, the gospels were first written in aramaic. there is only one seminary that i know of in this country where the aramaic manuscripts are the basis for younger testament study.

    in the sense that kabbala means to receive i agree that eshua was a kabbalist, but not in any formal sense that fits in with the usual historical rendering of kabbala. i love how many of you understand the heart of his teachings, in spite of the outrageous claims that traditional christianity makes. i think he was a rabbi of extraordinary genious who knew how to cut and paste…ie the golden rule is partly from devarim (deuteronomy)and partly from vayikra (leviticus). rabbi david zaslow has compiled an incredible study of where eshua’s teachings come from in jewish sources. i give thanks to be witnessing so many minds awakening to the oneness within which we live and breathe and have our being.

  17. Wow, thanks for the feedback. I questioned my thoughts beccause of what the body of the message when someone asked where is Jesus in Kabbalah and the answer came back “He is absent”. How can Jesus be absent and Kabbalahism said it deals with pyschic energy – well how can you separate pyschic energy from the One that created energy. That is like saying a mother separate herself from her child and leaves it wondering in space. Ok the quote came from above in the body of the message (per Kabbalists Rashbi). Ok another analogy – how can you drive a car without gas – if you separate the gas from the car – how can it run. Now reading the blogs (which I am enjoying) God is the source of ALL things – and since in Genesis God Spoke let there be light – and light became – isn’t light energy! Then why would God separate Himself for what He created. Holy Spiriit brewed over what God created and manifest it – so help me out here. How can Kabbalah have no relationship with religion. Regardless what religion it is – God is the source of All Energy – All Things, In Heaven, on Earth and Beneath the earth. All is Source of Energy.

  18. I really like Jason (May 25, 2010) remarks. He made a lot of since to me. OK here is something that I have to ask. I received an email from a Rabbi in Israel – and he was talking about a red string to wear and a Amulet. What does this have to do with Psychic energy and God. I guess some can say why do Christians were a Cross? Well I know why I wear mine but that is my own opinion. So what do you guys think about the Amulet and a Red String – what is the significant of the objects.

  19. I believe Jesus was a great teacher of Kabbalah and of spirituality. I do not approach Jesus through the teachings of the Christianity Religion or Church where they are muddied, but through my heart and personal relationship with him. I think to understand the true teachings of Jesus, approach them from a Kabbalistic heart and not through Religion.

  20. The question was , Where is Jesus in the Kabbalah, not Where is Christinanity in
    I think he missed the point.
    Jesus is compeltely in Kabbalah

  21. First of all to be a kabbalist you must prepare yourself by getting rid of the ego…I dont think Jesus had an Ego!

  22. Throughout history, certain finely tuned souls had been able to tune into the one and only inner ecology of the spirit, the inner rhetoric of nature. What is important are the specific rungs along the ladder for attainment and the instruction for climbing and attaining them. Learning how to weed out and composting hatred in one’s heart is the goal for cleansing the soul and cultivating the spirit. This is how we allow our inner tree to flourish, forming the ultimate fruit connections with God, Nature, and each other.

  23. how could anyone completely ignore one of the greatest teachings the world has ever known (man-made dogmas aside)? regardless of what it has to do with Kabbalah, the teachings of love and freedom from guilt and shame are priceless and should not be overlooked by anyone.

  24. No one needs to stop worshipping Christ or Buddha or Zoroaster or whoever they worship in order to study Kabbalah. As Rav Laitman said, Kabbalah is on another level, so there is no conflict. Just don’t mix them up and you’ll be fine. I’ll accept Rav’s words because he is my Rav that the authentic Kabbalah sources don’t mention Christ, and if they don’t mention him, then he simpy is absent from authentic Kabbalah. Christ may be present in Hermetic Qabalah or Berg Kabbalah or whatever else Kabbalah you wish, but not the one we study at Bnei Baruch. For anyone to try to mix Christ with authentic Kabbalah is simply wrong and impolite.

  25. Jesus was talking only about love,true love.Kabbalah talks about the same..

  26. I find it difficult to understand why all Kabbalah teachers,Zohar and their other major books are ignoring Jesus Christ. The Kabbalist say that Kabbalah is not a religion which is not true because Kabbalah is based on the Torah which is the foundation of the Jewish religion. Most people will take Kabbalah serious when it starts to incorporate the teachings Lord Jesus Christ into their works because His teachings are so true,simple and yet powerful. To crown it all Lord Jesus Christ still appears to a lot worthy individuals what a massive personality.

  27. Could it be that the life of Jesus was based on the life of Rashbi ?

  28. I have a question to ask? I am a christian , I came across Kabbalah four years ago. I began to read books on kabbalah still I don’t understand their concepts on teaching about Jesus. I need to find out what thread are they spinning with.


  29. Dear Friends, I find this topic so amazing!
    Truth and reality goes far beyond religion that, in best case, still contain and express at least some spirituality.

    With this I mean that Yeshua has as little to do with religion as Moshe. Therefore it´s wrong to avoid this salvating force by simply refering to it as religion. It is also wrong to avoid the Torah and Moshe by refering to it as simply religion.

    Everyone does not have this experiance of this force Mashiach through the name Yeshua, and everyone does not have the experiance of Kabbalah, and nothing shall be forced on anyone. BUT as a young man I received this great and lifetransforming experiance of salvation though Yeshua and through Him received totally a new life both within and without.

    Kabbalah and this salvating force has to be connected…. I cant really express what I feel, but as I see it, the connection is vital and I just want to share this with you, it´s a whole.
    With love to you all
    Thank you

  30. I have been filled with questioned of why we are here and what is the meaning of all around us . I felt I needed answers and I even was questioning Jesus .
    I started reading Kabbalah and the more I read I felt as if I was reading about Jesus .
    I’m reading and wondering this is what Jesus said this is what he asked of all men to do love one another to give ,,,it’s better to give than to receive,,, Kabbalah is bringing me closer to Jesus and God and spirituality . I’m amazed , reading Kabbalah has opened my eyes thank God

  31. How about the Lords prayer?

    “Our lord in Heaven, hallow be thy name.” Glory in God as in your book. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as in heaven” (discussion and acceptance of The creators will. “Give is this day our daily bread” (fill our cup) “and forgive us of our trespasses as forgive those who trespass against us” (moving beyond and acceptance of pain and being like the creator) “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil (our blindness to accepting transient things and our egos

    I wonder if even the last supper was an invitation to accept the creator and be like Him?

  32. When we are reading Kabbalah, to receive, we are reading about our soul’s journey and the work within, the inner cleansing and alignment. The leaving of the physical to travel inwards and upwards towards our Mighty Creator. For those coming from the door of Jesus, walk through trusting that your Elohim shall show you His truth and nothing but His truth. It is a walk of faith beyond reason, one filled with His gems. Stay focused on His unity and His love while working to share the same with others. We must seek to invert our intentions to v’ahavta l’reacha komocha, love your neighbor as yourself as God does for us

  33. The focus of Kabbalah is not on belief or history, but on revelation through practice.

    There’s a desire for God (True Love) in each of us, big or small, awakened or asleep, and it’s called Yisrael. All advice, instruction, teaching, wisdom or parable that stems from this God and or hints at this Force which is Bestowal is called Torah. And the central physical document or summary of this Force also happens to be called as such: Torah.

    A Kabbalist tries to be in a mode of Reception (Kabbalah in Hebrew) to the perception of this Force of Bestowal which is so very subtle to our initial ego. He does this by equalizing with its qualities which we can study about in all Torah related literature. God’s commands becomes his commands, etc. But not all at once! But gradually, bit by bit, degree by degree. And then the Names and Letters of God and His Torah start making sense through actual Attainment. As a result, the Kabbalist falls in love with the Force of Love more and more. But be warned: You will never be able to fully express it to others, and you shouldn’t! Let others discover it themselves in their time. You can only hint about it.

    You need to discover Him, You need to discover His people and His Torah.

    It all depends on Your Desire! Ask / Demand.

  34. Please help I’m 17 and looking for truth I’ve come from a Christian background but have a feeling that the bible has missing pieces and as I was reading all the comments I felt like my head was going to explode

  35. It is widely believed that the Kabbalah and its associated belief systems are a product of medieval alchemy. This would be rational in view of its fundamental tenets which appear to be aware of much of Christian thought.

  36. Kabbalah is simply a description of the life of the Lord Jesus in the spirit. Because the more you get closer to the Lord Jesus you feel worse even though you are becoming better because His Light is falling on our blind spots. The more you get closer to the Lord Jesus you feel love for Him and mankind which I call the Divine fire. Kabbalah clearly speaks of the Lord Jesus without his name loudly mentioned.

  37. I think it is interesting that Kabbalah speaks of the light of God (sparks) returning to God and Jesus speaks of the light being not only within himself but within us as well. Also, Jesus speaks of us being one with the Father as he is one with the Father as well. From my private studies of Kabbalah it seems these references and those of Kabbalah are very similar. We are to seek the light of God within and with that we will join with the divine as we raise our spark higher until we reach him.

  38. I think a big problem is when people confuse the teachings of Jesus with Christianity. What Jesus taught and the religion that men attribute to him are not the same thing. There is nothing that I have heard so far while studying the wisdom of Kabbalah that Jesus did not also teach so I have no reason to not think that Jesus, too, studied Kabbalah. Jesus did not look at himself as a god and yet Christianity made him one. When people would comment on the miraculous things surrounding Jesus, he always pointed out that it was not him but the Father/Creator. And, he always wanted everyone around him to know that every, single thing he did was something that every human was capable of if they would just open their spiritual eyes and ears so that they could see and hear.

  39. This is a very good response Melody!

  40. I strongly agree with your point of view that any religion that does teach you how to experience God is far from been useful.

  41. I agree with you. I was raised in a Christian home, and read the Bible regularly. I always had questions regarding certain passages that adults could never truly explain to me. There came a point in my life in which I even considered myself an atheist. But now that I have discovered Kabbalah, the questions I used to have regarding the life and teachings of Jesus make perfect sense to me. I believe that Jesus was a Kabbalahist, and he lived out his life as a perfect example of how a person MUST live in order to attain contact with the upper force. Of course, Christianity has become completely corrupted by misunderstanding and exploited by many “teachers” who don’t truly understand the life of Jesus. Regardless, Jesus was “the way, the truth, and the light,” if we DO as Jesus taught.

  42. Dear friends, I was doing research on Kabbalah and came across this forum. I read every comment, riveted on every word. Herein I found so much love, understanding, acceptance and thoughts, and ultimately answers to the questions I have been seeking. Yeshua the Christ, Zohar, all the way through Hermetic tradition has guided my inner light/love. I thank you all for being true to that light.

  43. Well written…

  44. Thank you I’m understanding better

  45. Yes!!! And the magic of the Kabbalah enables everyone to understand. Because Jesus wanted
    EVERYONE to understand.

  46. To be clear:
    To engage in the science of Kabbalah or any science, one must let go of beliefs. This happens when one truly seeks truth with all their heart.

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