How to Fulfill Teenage Emptiness

How to Fulfill Teenage EmptinessA question I received in response to an Israeli news post “8% of Teenagers in Israel Have Tried to Commit Suicide: A recent study shows that approximately 8% of teenagers in Israel have at some point tried to commit suicide. This is a plea for help. We need to listen to our teenagers and be mindful of their concerns.

My Answer: It’s not the teenagers who have a plea for help. It’s their inner emptiness, the Reshimo that is crying out for fulfillment. Thus, we should give them the method capable of fulfilling this Reshimo: Kabbalah. My children never went through any such states. We raised them within Bnei Baruch’s framework, by teaching them Kabbalah’s basic concepts, and none of them (in all possible age groups, from 2 to 20 and up) have ever shown such problems.

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  1. Revered Rav

    Yesterday I felt the,” pain of rejection” in my teenaged daughter. The issue is,  she was not selected to the musical play of the school celebrating their golden jubliee– and when she  feels is good at dance and singing, the pain is undefined in her eyes. But the selection was fair ,done by experts and my words seemed not to be reaching her, it pained me more. She is 13 yrs old, how can we parents help our children dealing especially with such pain? At times I feel helpless as a mother to deal with situations. Your words are guidance, please help. thank you.   

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