The End Of The Oil Age

laitman_273_01In the News (from “Originally a task was established to create a new versatile and inexpensive source of energy. This is why scientists used the most widespread elements on earth—carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

“Unique nanomaterials were developed as catalysts in the process of creating an energy source. The process of creating ‘green fuel’ has turned out to be not only absolutely clean from an ecological aspect, but also cheaper than the extraction of oil and its refinement.

“Hydrogen is extracted from water, which is then mixed with carbon dioxide extracted from the air. The mixture is put into a reactor with a solid nanocatalyst. The output is organic liquid and gas energy. The resources used for the fuel production don’t require high expenditures.

“Generated fuel can immediately be delivered to refineries instead of oil. It can be produced right there, eliminating the need to extract raw materials and pump it thousands of kilometers, as is done now.

“The resulting product has already been successfully tested in cars with gasoline and diesel engines and even on airplanes. The new achievement doesn’t cause any damage to engines. Israeli experts are planning the industrial development to be deployed in around five years.”

My Comment: Nature has prepared inexhaustible reserves of energy and abundance for us, but we will be able to adapt and absorb them on the condition of our “correct” behavior. Otherwise, as usual, the evil of humanity will not make it possible for it to enjoy the fruits of their labor and the possibilities offered by nature.

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