What Stands Behind The Terrorist Attacks In Israel?

Laitman_514_04Comment: The world is in a constant illusion regarding Israel. For example, during the last series of terrorist attacks in which an American tourist was killed and a number of people were injured that took place during the visit of the American Vice President Joe Biden in Israel, the American site International Business Times wrote: “three Palestinians were killed during Vice President Biden’s visit.”

BBC said that a Palestinian was killed and several were wounded in Israel in military actions, and NBC added that an American tourist was killed during Biden’s visit in which talks about the violence in Israel were held. This is how the illusion of distorted reality regarding Israel is created in the world media.

Answer: Personally I see the Creator’s wise guiding hand in all that.

Comment: Here is another thing that the Creator arranged for us: the Irish paper The Irish Times wrote: “an American died as a result of a Tel Aviv individual who butchered ten people.” Here you cannot understand anything and it seems that Jews are attacking people in Tel Aviv.

Answer: The problem is that when such a lie falls on a general anti-Semitic bed it is immediately perceived in the most natural way by the whole world. Just as the world media is spreading slander about Israel, so do those against the wisdom of Kabbalah spread slander against Bnei Baruch and about me personally. It would be better if they examined the effect of their actions and realized that to the same extent that they defame us, so do the world media defame Israel. There is a certain correlation here since these things are mutually related. The more the nation of Israel wants to eradicate the wisdom of Kabbalah, the more the world is against us.

If we began to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah to the whole world and said: “We have the method for the correction of the world, and we will tell you why you hate us, why you treat us the way you do, what is special about us, what the method of correction is that we should come to,” everyone would follow us holding our hands like obedient children.

If the State of Israel declared that we exist for this purpose and therefore should not turn Israel into another small America or its branch, the whole world would immediately understand internally that what we say is true.

Basically the world is subconsciously expecting us to do so, but people simply cannot understand why they hate us and why they treat us the way they do, why they keep focusing on us as they do, and what they expect of us. It happens because they don’t understand the process of evolution and the goal of our life. The Jews in Israel don’t understand that either and are only against the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It is time to wake up and to find out what the cause for anti-Semitism is, but first the Jews must find out the reason they hate the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is the exact same reason, the same root. It is the ego the pushes us away from the goal of creation. The role of Kabbalah students is to bring this message to the Jews and through the Jews to the whole world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/10/16

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