“Calls For Anti-Jewish Terror”

Laitman_182_02In the News (9tv.co.il): “Sweden is advancing in its anti-Semitism and hatred towards Israel. The Swedish government was the first to acknowledge the Palestinian state, which doesn’t even exist, but has not yet issued any condemnation of the Palestinian wave of terrorism that swept Israel in the last three weeks. …

“The Swedish media took an openly biased anti-Israeli stand and do not mention the word ‘terrorist’ when they relate to the Arab attackers. Almost no one dares to speak to the press in support of Israel. A report of a terrorist attack on October 3rd in the Old City, where two Jews were killed, the biggest Swedish news agency TT used the headline: ‘Palestinian Shot and Killed in Jerusalem,’ referring to the fact that the terrorist was neutralized.

“Despite the Israeli ambassador’s note of protest, the agency hasn’t honored him with any reply yet. About the attack in which the Henkin couple was murdered in front of their four small children,the Swedish media chose to keep completely silent. And in a radio interview, the host asked the Israeli ambassador whether it isn’t the Jews who are actually responsible for the growing anti-Semitism. …

“The Swedish airline SAS has announced the cancellation of flights to Israel because they are ‘unprofitable’.

“The Church of Sweden also takes a frankly anti-Israel stance.”

My Comment: We see how the people of the world have consistently demonstrated their understanding of upon whom the peace in the world depends. Shouldn’t we find out the reason for their accusations?

After all, our Torah tells us the same thing: we and we alone are the ones who are the cause for the suffering or happiness in the world, according to our closeness to the Creator. We should understand and change this trend in the time we have left, which is running out, to prevent a reoccurrence of the Holocaust!

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