In The United States 50 Million Receive Support

laitman_926_01Comment: According to statistics presented by Gallup in 2016 the number of Americans receiving support from the government rose to 50 million people.

This means that the expression, “The American Dream” has turned into the dream of being supported by the nation.

In America there are entire families in which all of its members have never worked. And this trend is growing all the time.

Answer: This is certainly no longer a pursuit of special achievements in business and other areas of life.

The fact is that in our time we are advancing toward socialism, the nation will become a socialist nation. If we can distribute food, clothing, and shelter to everyone, then essentially people will not have to work because if desired, all of this can be printed without any demand from a person.

The question is why should this be done? Why are there different kinds of animals? It could be said that they are a general branch of nature that are necessary to balance all the rest, to maintain a special balance, homeostasis.

And in what way are people different from them? It is necessary to understand that we are composed of two parts, a “beastly” part and a human part. The beastly part in us requires only one thing, to live in peace and quiet, warmed by the sun like a cat, and nothing more.

Whereas the human part requires the discovery of the meaning of life, even though we are trying not to be involved with that these days, being helped here a little by drugs, antidepressants, and all the rest. Nevertheless, this question will be a very serious demand requiring an answer.

Question: Will we see this in our lifetime?

Answer: It all depends on the dissemination and spread of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world.

Even if it arouses pessimism, it is necessary to understand that situations in the world are changing very rapidly. In principle, humanity is constantly entering into a turbulent hibernation that attracts and draws us into it. Then a period of internal eruption will come.

Question: Will this be an internal eruption or a terrible war?

Answer: So that suffering will agitate humanity, they must be physically very intense. But if the eruption happens on an internal level of consciousness and understanding, then the suffering will be much less. They won’t leave physical traces and a person will be able to go through them very rapidly to a correct realization of his earthly existence.

So I very much hope that we can make it possible for humanity to realistically and correctly discover the purpose of life that exists in nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/21/16

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