American Debt To China

laitman_547_05Question: Masses of residents in China went out to celebrate in front of a special clock that was set up in Beijing that presents the constantly growing American debt to China. To date, the debt stands at 19 trillion dollars. What is this? Isn’t this an absurd economy?

Answer: Our world cannot exist otherwise, it works by logging debts, and if we stop producing useless things, the world would stop. Factories would stop working, unemployment would increase, we would have nothing to pay, and we could not print money and things like that. So we would need to distribute money in some other way so that the world would continue to turn.

Question: Do you mean that people would not earn money but simply receive it?

Answer: That doesn’t matter, people must have money so that they can buy something with it, and everything turns on that basis, including the treasury departments, various advertising agencies, and so forth. It is as if everything is evolving and striving to go forward, even though this is long gone. It is an absolute bluff.

The Chinese are celebrating because without them things would collapse. They agree to register a debt that will grow to another 10 trillion, the main thing being that everything will continue to turn, since if you stop the modern “machine,” which requires us to work to get money and buy again and again, there will be a collapse, an immediate halt to the entire world. So no matter what we do, the main thing is that this will not stop.

But we are not really in a world in which people supposedly determine the laws; rather, we are in a world in which there are particular internal natural laws that we don’t know. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals them by explaining that we are approaching the date for submitting the bill, and accordingly we will need to pay.

Question: What would happen if we didn’t buy and sell anymore?

Answer: Everything would begin to stop. We would hope that this stop would be gradual, and that during this holding action we could explain to the world the nature of the holding action and how to overcome it. Only one way exists, which is to change the characteristics of a person, his nature, and through this, the mutual relationships between people and our entire financial system.

This means it is necessary to change the connections between people based first and foremost on “give and take.” Nevertheless, the basis of “give and take” remains, but its purpose changes. Instead of self-interest, it will be for the sake of our common unity so that we will all be connected into a single whole as in nature.

In this case, you can act like you want according to the principle of “give and take,” but the intention, the direction, the purpose, will be changed. Then we will work differently; each one will invest all his energy and receive the necessities of life according to his needs and no more than this, while all of his energy, his movement, his goal, will be directed toward transforming the world to become round, mutually dependent. This does not mean the bad form of mutual dependence as it exists today in which we want to tear this dependence apart; on the contrary, we would want to make mutual dependence for the good, through mutual guarantee (Arvut).

We will reach this, but it will not happen immediately. Development happens under the influence of the system in which we connect between us constantly and discover more and more in the depth of our connection. The world is gradually beginning to subconsciously feel grasping through whatever fibers of the soul that there are, that the only network to be discovered is the correct and good mutual connection that can save everyone.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/8/16

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