Climate Refugees From Africa

laitman_955Comment: The media covered events related to the migration of refugees from the Arab nations who have flooded Europe. But there are also environmental refugees.

In South Africa, nearly 14 million people are starving. The predictions are most terrible. Desertification is rapidly coming to the continent, claiming an additional 10.6 kilometers per year.

In addition, there is the effect of “El Niño”; the significant raising of temperatures of the Pacific Ocean west of Peru and Ecuador in South America leads to not only warmer climates in extensive areas in the world and hurricanes, but also conflicts and wars.

Answer: This is all part of a single, reciprocally connected system. It seems to us that we are separate from nature, that we can hide, warm up or cool down, invent greenhouses and the like. But nothing will solve the climate problem. For example, the Indian Ocean is now undergoing enormous changes and is beginning to dry up. This is affecting all of Asia whose population numbers around 4 billion people.

The media are hiding many facts regarding the changes in nature that are threatening to destroy the planet. We need to reveal them gradually, to understand their interrelationships, their integrality, and our influence on them through our opinions, community, and mutual connections. Humanity, as the highest level of all of nature, influences nature through thoughts and emotions much more than all the “El Niño” phenomena and the “desertification.” If we were to begin to be involved with a correct connection between us and bring ourselves to the form and likeness of the general system of nature, to mutual guarantee (Arvut), we would calm everything down. If we create balance on the level of Adam (Man), this will automatically pass to the levels of the animate, vegetative, and still, and obligate them to become balanced.

Question: What must we do to begin to become balanced?

Answer: Education is required and nothing else.

Comment: But this is a long, drawn out process.

Answer: No. If humanity needs this balance, it will work out very quickly; humanity will immediately stand poised, ready for action, like a rabbit that stands on its hind legs when it is faced by a mortal danger.

Question: So he needs to feel that he is facing a mortal danger first?

Answer: If we don’t, then we wait until we get serious blows, through which we will reach this necessity anyway.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/8/16

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