Environmentalists In A Panic

Laitman_702_01Question: At the North Pole recently one degree below zero was recorded instead of the 30 degrees below zero that is usually recorded there. The ecologists claim that Storm Frank, that caused heavy rains and storms in Britain, brought a stream of warm tropical air to the North Pole. Why is this happening?

Answer: The Earth is out of balance because we humans are completely out of balance with each other.

Until the First World War nature and humanity were not global. A short time after the First World War, the Second World War began, and following the war and the destruction, the reconstruction of the world began, and the development of the Internet began. All this led to the fact that humanity has become truly global, but functioning and connecting incorrectly in our small village.

This development created a terrible mess, a state of complete universal contradiction; on the one hand, there is opposition between one another and, on the other hand, absolute dependence upon each other. It is like in a family where each one depends on everyone, but they don’t love one another, and criticize each other.

Question: Would you compare the conflict between people with what happens in nature?

Answer: Certainly, after all, humanity is at the highest level of nature! We think that nature is composed of only the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, but isn’t humanity a part of nature?

We are locked together in a terrible mutual aggression, and all of nature – with us. We all become one single instrument, a system that is completely broken and cannot find the possibility to come to internal equilibrium.

We have already been in this kind of state for 40 to 50 years; it is a huge problem that continues to grow. The year 2015 was a demonstration of our imbalance, and the year 2016 will become a year of testing; will humanity understand what is happening to it, why this imbalance exists, and how to get out of it.

That is, it is up to us to recognize the problem and understand that the most important thing is that all of us together must hasten to save nature because if people do not begin to restore the harmony that is imperative in an integral system that is mutually connected, then our world will simply crumble.

Question: What would it mean to hurry to help and save nature?

Answer: First we need to unite among ourselves, and secondly, to do everything we can not to overthrow the balance of nature. We don’t have time; we have already crossed the red line.

Question: Do you think the year 2016 will be the turning point?

Answer: No, we have already crossed the turning point, but because this is happening gradually, we have the possibility from the human level of balancing the rest of the levels of nature, because the human level is the highest.

If we all begin to align ourselves in our thoughts, unite into one whole, complementing each other, if it is our task to sustain everything that happens, and survive on this planet, then we will be able to restore everything.

Question: What would compel an egocentric person to behave like this?

Answer: It would have to be an unavoidable threat to the life of all of humanity and the person himself as well!

We need to reach a state where the UN will truly become the United Nations, an organization concerned with the survival of humanity and preventing the narrow policies of a limited number of nations.

That is, everything depends upon humanity. The question is, how much blood will this cost? Either this will happen rapidly and with little bloodshed, or there will still be many years of wars, suffering, and additional problems until humanity will come to its senses and begin to achieve inner balance. The balance of humanity will also balance nature, and then, where necessary, gardens will blossom, and where it is not necessary, there will be snow and ice.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/1/16

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