Is It Worth Expending Effort On Procreation?

laitman_629_3Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we shouldn’t waste energy on attaining temporary corporeal desires. My daughter absolutely refuses to have children because it takes up vital resources. Is she right?

Should we expend energy on giving birth to the next generation?

Answer: This is a very logical and relevant question today. A person who gets married in his 30’s will have to take care of his family in the following 20 years until his children grow up and are able to take care of themselves and become independent. This means that instead of spending the best years of his life on his spiritual development, he has to dedicate them to bringing up his offspring, not knowing what they will live on and how they will make their living in the future.

Is it worth it? We may say that according to our current lifestyle humanity has to make sure that it continues to exist. People have to work and to invest their energy in having a family and bringing up their kids and, at the same time, they should implement the wisdom of Kabbalah in their spiritual development.

The wisdom of Kabbalah wasn’t given to us so that a person could study for 24 hours a day or during all the time he doesn’t work. By providing all his basic necessities of living, working, and having a family, he will fulfill the connection between himself and the rest of the world as the system of creation and nature require.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical science. Some who study engage in it as a profession. They begin to work with the population, become instructors or Kabbalah teachers. The ratio of ordinary teachers in our world compared to the population is one teacher for every fifty people, while the number of Kabbalah teachers is much smaller, and without them we will not be able to manage in the future.

Our aspiration is reaching the point of having  a great number of Kabbalah teachers so that for every 50 people in the world, there will be one Kabbalist who will lead their team, teach, and take care of that group. Gradually all of humanity will be divided into different groups headed by a Kabbalist teacher. These teachers need to continue studying, developing, and improving their skills, while ordinary people will have to fulfill what they have received like a student who graduates from school, leaves his teachers, and implements what he has learned.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/15/15

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