Who Does The Land Of Israel Belong To?

laitman_933Comment: Not long ago a well-known Egyptian theologian came to the University of Haifa and conducted a series of lectures for Arab students. In one of them he indicated, that from a realistic point of view the Jews have no fewer rights to the Temple Mount than the Muslims.

His words aroused complaints. Students shouted that he indulges the “Zionist invaders.” And it happened in our University of Haifa!

Answer: All the state is working to ensure some way to appease those who vote against the government. We, all of us, exist here according to the will of God. So I don’t see any contradiction between what is really going on and the incident at the University of Haifa where probably more than half the teachers and students are Arabs. I would call this institution one of the largest Arab universities.

And how many Arabs do you think are studying at Jewish, religious Bar Ilan University? For a long time we have stopped being the owners in charge of the nation, the people, or the land. From this we can conclude that there is no proper education and formulation of the question.

People who receive an Israeli passport, not necessarily Jews, must feel they are citizens of this state, and not take a non-religious university into national religious wars. That should not be. Otherwise, the government should declare itself a religious organization like the Arab states.

Arab students receive serious ideological education directed against Zionists. And this isn’t so with the Jews. The Jews are not tied to the land or the nation, so they don’t show any resistance. The Jews don’t understand how valuable this land is. The land of Israel possesses an amazing characteristic; in a certain way it connects a person with higher forces.

This is the place in the world where you can find your spiritual destiny, and because I am here and not somewhere else is on the basis of the root and branch. It is very important to be in here. A man who understands this feels he has no other place on Earth. Then he reacts differently to everything and has the right to protect this land.

And those who don’t have these roots don’t feel this. In the Six Day War we conquered Jerusalem but due to a lack of a clear ideological foundation, we have now given up what we won because it was not important to us. So all flows gradually away from us drop by drop.

I am not against all of this also belonging to Islam. I am against all of this belonging only to Islam. In general, Israel doesn’t need to belong to religions, but should equally be for all people on the face of the Earth. Religions are a product of human egoism.   We must by all means pull out all that belongs to the spiritual from religious dictatorship.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/4/16

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