The World Economy: On The Threshold Of Drastic Changes

Laitman_182_02Question: How will the transition from previous material values to new ones influence the world economy?

Answer: I think that in the present situation, the economy will gradually exhaust itself. Moreover, it is not the economy itself but the attitude of people toward it. Today we view the changing world and life and become more passive.

Therefore, the economy of unbridled consumption will become an economy of providing for one’s personal existence. Humanity will stop running after big materialistic attainments and wealth.

I see how great masses of people are becoming more and more passive. We see this in Russia and in America. In Russia they agree with the policy of a relaxed existence on private land; in America they agree with the more socialist policies with the national health insurance plan and all the rest. That is, we have reached a state in which after transition to a new stage of rational development will prevail. We understand that nothing from the past, not wealth, nor respect, nor knowledge, nor art and not even religion (because there are no religions today, it is all just the politics of control) can bring us anywhere. What remains is only attainment of the meaning of life, because humanity has already gone through everything else.

And so certainly the economy will change. It will be sustained, develop, and transform externally just because we must fill our body (the level of the beast), meaning normally feed and dress everyone. Whereas, everything that is expanding today in all directions like a soap bubble will exhaust itself and disappear because we are bringing the world to a state of crisis.

Question: So, the economy will burst like a soap bubble?

Answer: It will shrink because it is superfluous! Either it will be replaced by a world war or the isolation of people. If we avoid war somehow, the indifference of people toward anything new will gradually obligate the economy to fold. We see what is happening today, nobody needs the vast Chinese and Japanese manufacturing technology anymore. Everything will gradually fold, and people will lose interest in consumption.

And this is a natural process of development of internal human desires that are moving from material consumption toward something new. We have already experienced the rise of interest in science and culture; they don’t fill us with anything now, they don’t give meaning to life. And without that, all that remains is drugs or war and other extreme decisions, or an exit to a new level, a new level of existence. That is, it is necessary to give people the possibility of seeing that there truly is an exit; it exists.

Ultimately an inner demand for this will appear because it is developing from within; a person will begin to ask: “What is the meaning of my existence? If there is no meaning, it is unfortunate that I was born….”

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/19/15

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