More Religious Wars?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “In the Judeo-Christian traditional imagery is chronicled the murder of Abel by Cain. …  From the moment Cain killed Abel, violence has become an inseparable part of human history. …

“The obvious question is whether religions are the source of violence or the way to peace. Is violence actually embedded in monotheistic religions? …When we thought religious wars were phenomena of the past, they have resurfaced particularly harshly and radically… carrying black flags and destroying everything in their path, from human life to cultural symbols that are the heritage to humanity. …

“In the absence of rational arguments to justify these wars, they rely on God and in His name, they aggressively kill others, thus making God Himself a murderer. The philosopher Martin Buber said: ‘”God” is the word most vilified of all human words. None has been so tarnished, so manipulated…Human generations, with their religious partisanship, have torn the word.  They have killed and are willing to die for it. This word carries fingerprints and blood. People draw a stick figure below and write the word “God.” They murder each other and say, “we do this in the name of God.”‘”

My Comment: Indeed, religions do indeed only divides, separate, and incite us against one another. Because all the religions in the world are based on human nature: egoism.

And only the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a person how to ascend above his egoism and reach unity to reveal the upper world inside us. This is the next level of our existence. In this, Kabbalah differs from Judaism and other religions. We have to reveal to the world, the way of ascending to the next level of our evolution as soon as possible, not along the path of suffering, but along the path of path of connection and unity.

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  1. If you are a student of Kabbalah and do not have revelations then Kabbalah is a religion too? More intellectual but at the same level than religious?

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