The Foundation Of All Religions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do you think that Kabbalah is the foundation of all religions and that religions appeared because Kabbalah was concealed?

Answer: Abraham’s religion is love towards everybody. On this basis he organized a group of students in Babel. This group existed in this quality (of course, not without the problems in realizing this condition, yet with the desire to reach it) until the final victory of egoism 2000 years ago. In the end, as egoism surpassed altruism, they fell from the relationships of love to the relationships of hatred. In the end, the sensation of the upper nature, the Creator, disappeared from them.

Having been left in darkness, they resorted to guesswork concerning the upper world, the goal, and the purpose, and this gave rise to the creation of far-fetched theories, which over time became religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

However, the biggest problem with the Creator’s concealment is that all religions separate people and evoke in them if not hatred, then at least rejection and disregard.

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