No To Unemployment, Yes To The Real Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Modern economy is based on the waste of resources. If we begin to save, many people will be unemployed. Will this be a right step towards the goal?

Answer: First, I don’t think we should call these people “unemployed.” We are in a new era now in which we are experiencing a change in the evolutionary paradigm. Today we have to see what is happening as a return or an ascent to the world that should exist in this way according to nature.

In this world we only live in bodies and everything besides the body’s basic necessities should be aimed at the correction of the soul. Accordingly, the concern for corporeal needs should amount to living a normal, comfortable life and not more than that. Of course, there is no need to return to the caves. A person needs a place to live, heating, food, a health system, security and everything that is related to desires like: food, sex, and family. Yet we should understand that all this is only the essential corporeal basis for the primary mission. The body exists so that we can develop the soul.

We turn to the whole world: The poverty line should become the baseline above which we should raise everyone. What for? So a person will be freed from worrying about their daily bread and will start dealing with the development of the soul. Anything beyond the necessities no longer applies to our world anymore, only the correction of the soul.

This should be our approach, although it’s still impossible to explain it in these words. If we approach things this way, we won’t produce surpluses, but will focus all the forces and the extra resources above necessity at integral education, meaning the system of correction. Accordingly, we place culture, education and science at the service of the development of the soul. After all, there is nothing else to live for in this world. We will finish with the soul and this world will disappear.

We should understand that the technology we develop should also provide us with free time for the main goal and not for entertainment and pampering. Ages ago, prehistoric man used to hunt for two or three hours a day. Only later, the growing ego brought certain people to control others and force them to work all day.

So we have to return to our natural state. Therefore, we mustn’t call people who don’t work in the traditional sense “unemployed.” They are not slackers, they were simply freed to deal with the main thing, they are returning to normal life. They can be employed for a few hours a day, and all the rest of the time they need to be working in the human field, above the beastly level, in a place that a person learns to be human.

We need the integral study in order to understand how to connect to one another. Thus we’ll reach a state of balance with nature and be rid of all troubles no matter what they are, whether in ecology or finances. Everything will calm down thanks to the balance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/12, “The Freedom”

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