How Is It Possible To Control Our Lives?

Laitman_051Question: You keep on saying that we don’t have the tools to manage our lives in our world, but what about our thoughts?

After all, there is a theory that our world is an infinite space of variations and our dominant thoughts influence this or another version of the development of the events in our lives. It seems logical that thoughts lead to deeds, and deeds lead to results.

The film The Secret speaks about the same idea. It is much more pleasant and optimistic to know that something depends on us in this life than to live with the hope of change, even to the best, but it is an illusory world for us.

Answer: According to what the Kabbalists discover in the upper world, our world is completely managed from above, while we can influence events only through the upper world by attracting the Light of correction, which is called Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).

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