We Reveal The Creator Through Escaping Our Egoism – Pharaoh

angryA question I received: Can Kabbalah logically explain the connection between a particular blow and the lack of connection between people?

My Answer: As a consequence of the Egyptian plagues, Pharaoh’s sages concluded that the plagues had come from the Creator, telling Pharaoh: “It’s the Creator’s hand!” And although Pharaoh stubbornly contended: “Who is the Creator that I should listen to Him?” as a result of the blows, he gave in and freed his slaves.

Pharaoh is the egoism created by the Creator. The plagues are the suffering that is caused by our egoism, thereby revealing it. Because of the blows, we begin to hate our egoism and realize that the blows come from the Creator and are sent specifically so that we will desire to escape from Egypt and Pharaoh’s (egoism’s) rule over us.  We come to realize that our nature is not our own, but rather a force outside ourselves that has control over us.

By receiving blows caused by our egoism and aspiring to something higher through the “Moshe” in us, the Creator is revealed, and we see that the blows come from Him. Otherwise, we would come to hate Him.

A person should go through the process of developing hatred for his egoism,  tearing away from and parting with it, while coming closer to the quality of bestowal.  We are seeing that now is  the time when humanity is going through these very stages of development.

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