Public Lecture in Berlin

berlin-public-lectureAfter the conclusion of the European Congress in Berlin on Sunday, June 21, I gave a public lecture. The video and audio links to this lecture are provided below.

icon for podpress  Berlin - Public Lecture 06.21.09 [1:29:57m]: Play Now | Download
icon for podpress  Berlin - Public Lecture 06.21.09 [1:29:57m]: Play Now | Download

Attaining The REAL Reality

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_0027In the News (from Augmented Environments Lab):AR Second Life”- “Massive Multiplayer Online Worlds (MMO) are persistent virtual environments where people play, experiment and socially interact. In this research project, we demonstrate that MMOs also provide a powerful platform for Augmented Reality (AR) applications. We introduce the notion of AR Stages, persistent, evolving spaces which encapsulate AR experiences in online three dimensional virtual worlds. Based on the 3D virtual world Second Life, our custom client software blends together locations in physical space with corresponding places in the Second Life virtual space and leverages the power of the MMO to create a powerful AR authoring environment targeted at a wide audience. We examine the technology necessary to integrate AR in MMOs as well as work flows and user interactions to keep such a system accessible and easy to use.”

My Comment: The only thing is that man will outgrow these possibilities, and they will not satisfy him. Then, he will come to see the necessity of experiencing real revelation through attainment of the Upper World!

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