All Our Feelings Come From The Creator

feelingsTwo questions I received on our roles in life:

Question: You said that we have to follow the rule, “love your neighbor as yourself,” but you are not answering my questions! What’s more, ever since I began studying Kabbalah, everyone has turned away from me and I feel completely alone.

My Answer: I receive hundreds of questions, but I only answer those that are new (that don’t repeat something that was already answered) and that adhere to my topic.

As for the feeling that you are alone, it naturally emerges in the process of studying Kabbalah, and it is meant to help you search for the Creator. After all, doesn’t this feeling come from Him?

Question: Recently I was wondering whether all people are different or the same.  Since everyone has the same essence – egoism, is it correct to say that the roles we play in life are just clothes we wear over our egoism?

My Answer: Egoism forces us to play these roles, which are all manifestations of our egoism. Our task is to follow the Creator’s example and adopt His role.

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Is There A Hidden Agenda Behind Global Warming?

In the News (translated from The outcomes of a study looking at the causes of global warming reveal that humanity has no more than a 10% effect on it, and that there is absolutely no relationship between greenhouse emissions and environmental warming.  Is it possible that even here, someone’s huge business and political agenda is getting involved?

My Comment: Absolutely! Climactic fluctuations are normal phenomena but the changes that are now endangering humanity are the result of egoistic relationships between people.

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Society Must Foster A Greater Connection Between Children And Parents

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to statistical data, suicide is the third leading cause of death for teenagers in Russia, after accidents and homicide. If a child with depression or suicidal tendencies feels the support from his family, he thinks about suicide much less often. 62% of all teenage suicides are connected to problems in the family or the indifference of loved ones.

My Comment: The growth of everyone’s egoism leads to a natural increase in child mortality. The solution lies in correcting our egoism in favor of a greater connection between people in general and between children and parents in particular.

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A Change In Values Is Needed To Resuscitate The Medical Profession

realityDr. A. Angelov from Boston, USA (a physician and member of Bnei Baruch) shares his views of the history of medicine: The first doctor in the history of humankind was a mother. Driven by her instinct to care for her family, she would find the remedies to whatever maladies plagued them. Then came the scientists, the observers of nature – Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Avicenna, and others. One thing united them – the desire to heal. A doctor was evaluated by the results of his treatment.

The last century has brought forth more discoveries than in all previous human history combined. We have access to innovative technology for diagnostics and treatment, and yet the number of sick people keeps growing and the mortality rate is not decreasing. Medicine is in crisis and is in the Intensive Care Unit on life support.

Health insurance is so expensive that people either cannot afford it or use it as little as possible. Doctors pay enormous sums of money for malpractice insurance, medication is very expensive, and one third of health care budgets go towards administrative expenses. Doctors care not about the patient’s health, but about their own profitability.

In evaluating the results of the current state of medical treatment, where’s that original intention of a mother caring for her family?

We must change our values and begin to care for everyone as we would for our own family.

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The Development Of Latvia’s Objectives – Part 2

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_6168A letter I received: Thank you for answering my question and for your proposal to help with the development of Latvia’s objectives. I would be very pleased to receive your assistance with this.

Submissions are being accepted until November 18th, 2009. We have time to develop the objectives and a plan. I believe that a “plan aimed at goodness ” will receive the support of other people as well.

How do you think we can proceed with this?

My Answer: I have been receiving many requests for advice from people all over the world on how to come out of the crisis. I have also been discussing this topic with well-known politicians, economists, scientists and cultural leaders. Over the last few weeks, I had many meetings in the United States on this topic, and I have other meetings planned in the near future.

We at Bnei Baruch are currently working on a short statement that will outline our recommendations on the development of a harmonious society that will be in line with Nature’s laws of development, and on the resolution of problems arising from the crisis which will also follow these same guidelines.

In the meantime, I recommend reviewing the following materials listed below.

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