The Purpose Of Creation Is Adhesion With The Creator

All the Prophets Wrote About UsBaal HaSulam writes in the articles, “The Revelation of Godliness (Matan Torah)” and “The Arvut,” that the overarching purpose of creation is for the whole of humanity to reach its correction, known as equivalence of form with the Creator. All the souls have a part in reaching this purpose, because there is just one creation, but it is divided into many parts in order to make the common correction happen more easily.

But besides creation’s division into many parts or souls, all of creation is also divided into the following two parts:

  • The part that received the method of correction and implemented it, but later fell back into egoism. This part of creation is called “the people of Israel.”
  • The part of creation that did not receive the method of correction. However, when the first part fell, it came closer to the second part of creation, and now both can reach the general, complete correction of egoism in all of creation.

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Humanity Is A Closed System

lifeA question I received: We are all connected together in the system of souls as one. But how can we have a positive influence on the collective consciousness, which is full of hatred?

My Answer: To do this, we have to feel that we don’t have a choice, that we are getting close to self-annihilation, to a life that is worse than death, and that we can’t avoid this. This feeling will make people want to connect to others. People’s nature, the egoistic desire to receive pleasure, will drive them to it. People will desire this because it will be the only way to feel good.

Even now, we are capable of “giving for the sake of reception,” for example, when we pay for something we need at a shop. Even this simple transaction is a small sacrifice. There is no such thing in the animal kingdom or with little children. In other words, this does not come from our instincts.

However, every person has to understand that he has a responsibility to connect with others correctly. And people should make every effort they can to learn about the right connection. Humanity is a closed system, and like in every closed system, everything must be aimed at supporting and preserving unity, balance and harmony. If these are broken, then every member of the system will suffer. One part of the system cannot feel good at the expense of another.

This is the wisdom we have to teach people. Everyone in the world has to learn the new rules of conduct in the world we are living in today.

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Correction Can Happen By The Power Of Public Opinion

publicAll people originated from the integral, unified, universal system called “Adam.” Later the connections between the parts of this system were severed, and this is the meaning of “Adam’s fall from grace.” When people will restore these ties, they will begin to appreciate and value the act of correction, the quality of bestowal and love.

Public opinion will make every individual respect and desire the reinstatement of the ties between people. Society will extol the correction of the connections between people, because this correction will guarantee the society’s survival. People will see that actions aimed at correction give them and their children life, energy, oxygen, food and security.

Correction means that people restore the attitude of love and bestowal between them, between parts of the integral system of souls. IF people will truly value and respect this idea, method and practice, then every individual will want to take part in it, even if it does not benefit him personally. People will the aspire to shift from their egoistic state (Lo Lishma) to  the state of Lishma – absolute bestowal and love.

We can see examples of how this works in our world: if a person is considered great, then no matter how evil he is and how much people hate him (just think of Stalin or Hitler), he inspires and demands respect.

The same is true with the quality of bestowal. Even though you might hate it at first, if society will respect it and consider it important and necessary, then you will also begin to respect it and to desire it.

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The Purpose Of The Universe

drugsThe general purpose of the whole universe is for humanity to reach the state where all people will be as one family. Everyone will take others into consideration and will be a guarantor for everyone else.

One of the causes that will bring this about will be the pressure coming from Nature’s Upper Law that is being revealed now. It is the law of everyone’s universal connection and dependence on each other.

But this won’t be the only cause. It will also happen because when people reach the level of mutual bestowal, they will want to shift to the new type of relationships, those of “love for your neighbor.” People will desire this consciously, on their own.

Nature governs the still, vegetative, and animate levels and balances them so they stay in mutual harmony. This is why all things in Nature consume only what is necessary to sustain their lives. Man, however, has to reach the same mutual balance with Nature by means of a conscious participation. Man has to study the structure of the universe and its unity in order to become similar to Nature. He will then be truly worthy of being called “man” (Adam in Hebrew, originating from the word Dommeh – similar to the Creator).

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