Correction Can Happen By The Power Of Public Opinion

publicAll people originated from the integral, unified, universal system called “Adam.” Later the connections between the parts of this system were severed, and this is the meaning of “Adam’s fall from grace.” When people will restore these ties, they will begin to appreciate and value the act of correction, the quality of bestowal and love.

Public opinion will make every individual respect and desire the reinstatement of the ties between people. Society will extol the correction of the connections between people, because this correction will guarantee the society’s survival. People will see that actions aimed at correction give them and their children life, energy, oxygen, food and security.

Correction means that people restore the attitude of love and bestowal between them, between parts of the integral system of souls. IF people will truly value and respect this idea, method and practice, then every individual will want to take part in it, even if it does not benefit him personally. People will the aspire to shift from their egoistic state (Lo Lishma) to  the state of Lishma – absolute bestowal and love.

We can see examples of how this works in our world: if a person is considered great, then no matter how evil he is and how much people hate him (just think of Stalin or Hitler), he inspires and demands respect.

The same is true with the quality of bestowal. Even though you might hate it at first, if society will respect it and consider it important and necessary, then you will also begin to respect it and to desire it.

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