To See The World Within Ourselves

nirvana-and-games-with-the-leviathan-are-ahead-of-usA question I received: When a person feels bad, he usually puts the blame on those around him. This could be his wife, his friends, his colleagues, something in the system, etc. When will people begin to understand that the cause behind everything is not the banker or some other human factor but the third, nonhuman force? It is similar to Hollywood movies where everyone looks up at the sky to see a great monster menacing the entire world…

My answer: “The enemy lies within the flood.” This is how it is revealed to a person. When his suffering is still small, he is satisfied with blaming himself or others. As the suffering increases, he descends along all the levels of his selfish desires and in the last of them, discovers that all of them came from the Creator. Such is the progression of the development of desires.

This is why even the greatest scientists who rise higher than others in their understanding of matter come to the notion that there is some sort of intelligent force, a higher intelligence that governs matter. Dealing with things that are strictly material, these people do not generally believe in supernatural powers. But it is precisely by dealing with these matters that they come to such conclusions.

This force lies within us. Man will continue to discover that the entire world lies within him. The science of Kabbalah speaks of this in the article “What Is Reality?” This is how it will be revealed to us.

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Revelation Of The Creator Is Perception Of Eternal Life

laitman_2009-03_8080In the News (from Rush University Medical Center ):Having a Higher Purpose in Life Reduces Risk of Death among Older Adults” – Possessing a greater purpose in life is associated with lower mortality rates among older adults according to a new study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center. After adjusting for age, sex, education and race, a higher purpose of life was associated with a substantially reduced risk of mortality. Thus, a person with high purpose in life was about half as likely to die over the follow-up period compared to a person with low purpose.

My Comment: And those who possess the spiritual goal to attain revelation of the Creator in this life, reach not only longevity but also possession and perception of eternal life.

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Kabbalah Will Be Realized In The Correction Of The World

how-can-singularity-be-transformed-without-changingA question I received: I completed the ARI Online beginner and advanced classes, and for the past two years have been attending your online classes daily. I’ve studied Pticha, Shamati, and The Book of Zohar. Your wisdom is profound. But, lately, the only portion of the lesson that that I feel I can relate to is Talmud Eser Sefirot. The abstract seems more real to me than the discussions concerning present world conditions. Is this normal, or am I losing my way?

My Answer: It’s temporary. You will discover that Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator in our world and is realized by studying correction of oneself and of the whole world. To the extent one is corrected, one perceives the world as unified and transparent, for all of universal creation is perceived by us in a single desire that was created. It begins to appear as unified, and all of the worlds will appear as sensations in different layers of that single desire.

Subsequently, the study material, too, will begin to reveal one and the same thing, only in different languages. Finally, everything will come to be seen as one picture, static, whole and perfect.

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The Fate Of The World When A Servant Is In Power

stateWhen the knowledge about the science of Kabbalah reached the nations of the world, it stimulated the development of the world and, at the same time, caused great damage. Until this time, Kabbalah had only been revealed to special chosen individuals among the people of Israel. Once it was revealed to the world however, people began to egoistically attain the system of the construction of the universe, to study the laws of Nature and to brutally exploit Nature and their neighbors in order to use them for their own interests.

This has led to all the destruction that has occurred and continues to occur in the world, in spite of the fact that Kabbalists hid the science of Kabbalah.  It still remains so concealed that a person who is not ready for it is incapable of understanding anything in the books of Kabbalah. One must first correct his qualities into bestowal and love for his neighbor, and only then will the great forces of Nature be revealed to him.

However, over the span of mankind’s search for knowledge, we obtained and were able to use the ordinary sciences to learn about the external forces of Nature. This led to technological development, which we see has obviously been to our own detriment.

As a result, we see that the entire development of the whole world, built by us throughout all of human history, has not been to our benefit, since it has served only our egoism. All the knowledge that we have received about Nature, all the laws and examples that we attained and tried to implement for our own benefit, turned against us in the end. This has been a cumulative process that has led us to the global universal crisis that is occurring on all the levels of Nature and in all areas of human activity.

Everything that human beings have done for thousands of years in history is today being revealed as evil. It is as though we are drawing a line between the entire former development of human civilization and the present. From this point on, we must honestly tally up everything we have done and decide how we should develop in the future.

It turns out that the direction of our future development is quite simple. After all, if all our knowledge about the laws of Nature and all our sciences, have proven to only bring us harm because we had turned them into a servant for our egoism, then let’s turn everything around! If we use science and all our knowledge on the good path, truly for the benefit of humanity, it will become our helper and bring us genuine prosperity. We will no longer destroy Nature, our environment, and ourselves, putting ourselves in danger of self-destruction. On the contrary, we will rise to a completely new level.

We use the forces of Nature and its examples either to our detriment or for a noble purpose.  These two opposites are called the “servant” who is in power instead of her mistress, or the “mistress” who rises and reveals herself with the help of the servant. The “mistress” is the science of Kabbalah, which teaches us how to correct our nature, and by using it correctly, to reveal another part of Nature and its enormous forces. All of this is given to us for our use and eternal existence.

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The Quality Of Bestowal Brings Vitality And Universal Respect

laitman_2009-05-28_0041_wA question I received: You said that if a person begins to bestow, he or she will be filled with vitality and confidence. What will change, precisely?

My Answer: Such a person will be accepted and appreciated by the world and will receive tokens of respect. It will serve him or her as a stimulus for the egoism to rise even higher, to bestow even more, to take even more pride in it.

The place of evil competition will become benevolent and people will gradually begin to appreciate the quality of bestowal for what it brings them: respect, importance in the eyes of society and a feeling of dignity. People will sense that the quality of bestowal is the source of vital strength and universal respect because this quality brings goodness. A person will then be motivated to aspire to it.

You are concerned that those who bestow will be used? But we are talking about a society that feels that there is no other choice to save ourselves from annihilation, than by making the mutual connections.  Nobody is asking such actions from you today – they have no value nor are they necessary. In a short while however, society will be faced with such problems that any person capable of helping others will be valued.

Nobody needs your bestowal right now. We are separated: You don’t need me, and vice versa. If you want to help me, it seems suspicious to me. But if I can’t move on my own and someone is ready to help me, he is a savior in my eyes! That’s why we should wait, since realization comes only after necessity.

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