New Study: It’s Healthy To Be Smart

chessIn the News (from Medical News Today):Genetic Fitness May Explain Why Intelligent People Are Often Healthier” UK and US researchers found that more intelligent people are often healthier, and suggest that this could be due to what they describe as a genetic “fitness factor” whereby both body fitness (health) and brain fitness (intelligence) are influenced by genetic differences among people. [The researchers] found that lower intelligence predicted diverse health problems, and did so more strongly than the life-style factors.

My Comment: One’s intelligence depends on nature, but one’s education depends on the person. This is the means a person has to alter his fate. Jealousy, envy, and desires for fame, popularity, and power help a person to develop his intellect and creativity, and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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A Story About Joe Smith And Global Interdependence

manJoe Smith began his day by waking up to the sound of the alarm clock (made in Japan). While the coffee was brewing in the coffeemaker (made in China), he shaved using a razor (made in Hong Kong). He then put on his boxers (made in Sri Lanka), jeans (made in Singapore) and running shoes (made in Korea).

After making breakfast using an electric grill (made in India), he took out his calculator (made in Mexico) to see what his budget for the day was. After verifying the time on his watch (made in Taiwan) against the time on the radio (made in India), he got into his car (made in Germany), filled it up with gas (made in Saudi Arabia) and took off to search for a well-paying American job.

Back home after another unsuccessful day, Joe sat down at his computer (made in Malaysia) to relax a little. He put on his slippers (made in Brazil), poured himself a glass of wine (made in France) and then turned on the TV (made in Indonesia) wondering why it is that he can’t find himself a well-paying job in America. However, he hopes that the American president – made in Kenya – can help him!

My Comment: And if Joe were to examine the constituent parts of all the above products, he would realize that their production involved all the countries of the world!

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Positive Changes In The Israeli Society

new-theoriesIn the News (from The VosIzNeia): The number of haredim (ultra-Orthodox) employed in industry in Jerusalem has ballooned by some 70% over the past five years, according to Yitzhak Reif, the chairman of the Jerusalem chapter of the Manufacturers Association of Israel. Reif called on the leaders of the capital’s various ultra-Orthodox sects to allow their followers to pursue a technological education and a career in industry.

My Comment: This is one of the most useful social initiatives that has taken place in recent years! This will bring the Orthodox community closer to the other parts of Israeli society. There’s no doubt that separating religion and state will promote peace in the society.

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Kabbalah On Saints And Brain Transplants

crisis5A question I received: Are there any people who are considered saints in Kabbalah? Does this concept exist? How can you explain the phenomenon of imperishable relics left behind by saints or holy people? This is a concept that exists in different religions. Is it possible that these people attained the quality of absolute love and bestowal during their lifetimes, and therefore they did not die, but their souls simply left their bodies? And is this considered sanctity?

My Answer: Man’s body is an animal that eventually dies and decomposes into the basic elements. And the soul bears no relation to the body. Baal HaSulam even used to say, “I don’t care where they bury my sack of bones.”

A holy man is someone who attains equivalence with the Creator while living in this world, by developing the desire to “love one’s neighbor as oneself.” As for the body, you can perform every imaginable organ transplant, you can replace all of the body parts, and you can perform blood transfusions. This will not affect the soul in any way. Doctors are already able to replace the heart, and soon they’ll even be able to perform brain transplants. That’s because our information is not stored in the brain, but in the field surrounding it.

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Scientists Decipher The “Mystery” Of Déjà Vu

greatIn the News (from MIT News):Research deciphers ‘déjà-vu’ brain mechanics” Neuroscientists at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT report in the June 7 early online edition of Science that they have identified for the first time a neuronal mechanism that helps us rapidly distinguish similar, yet distinct, places.

Forming memories of places and contexts in which episodes occur engages a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Researchers believe that a set of neurons called place cells fire to provide a sort of blueprint for any new space we encounter. The next time we see the space, those same neurons fire. Thus we know when we’ve been somewhere before and don’t have to relearn our way around familiar turf.

But if we enter a space very similar to one we have seen before, a new but overlapping set of neurons creates the blueprint. When there is enough overlap between the two sets, we experience an eerie feeling of déjà vu – a French phrase that literally means, “already seen.”

My Comment: This is just one example of how people today are finding prosaic explanations of all their misconceptions, such as past lives, journeys through time, and other “mysterious” occurrences.

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