A Story About Joe Smith And Global Interdependence

manJoe Smith began his day by waking up to the sound of the alarm clock (made in Japan). While the coffee was brewing in the coffeemaker (made in China), he shaved using a razor (made in Hong Kong). He then put on his boxers (made in Sri Lanka), jeans (made in Singapore) and running shoes (made in Korea).

After making breakfast using an electric grill (made in India), he took out his calculator (made in Mexico) to see what his budget for the day was. After verifying the time on his watch (made in Taiwan) against the time on the radio (made in India), he got into his car (made in Germany), filled it up with gas (made in Saudi Arabia) and took off to search for a well-paying American job.

Back home after another unsuccessful day, Joe sat down at his computer (made in Malaysia) to relax a little. He put on his slippers (made in Brazil), poured himself a glass of wine (made in France) and then turned on the TV (made in Indonesia) wondering why it is that he can’t find himself a well-paying job in America. However, he hopes that the American president – made in Kenya – can help him!

My Comment: And if Joe were to examine the constituent parts of all the above products, he would realize that their production involved all the countries of the world!

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