The Search For An Intelligent Plan In The Universe

upperIn the News (from newswise):Math Professor Looking to Mathematical Theories for Clues on Origins and Future of Life in the Universe” – Louis Crane, Kansas State University professor of mathematics, is studying new theories about why the universe is the way it is. He has a grant from the Foundational Questions Institute to study new approaches to the quantum theory of gravity, his primary research area as both a mathematician and a physicist. Crane hopes to uncover implications of these theories for the origin and the future of life.

My Comment: Essentially, scientific development should lead to discovery of necessity of the common, upper, single force which includes in itself all matter, energy, information, space, time and processes. It doesn’t matter how it is called – the Creator or Nature. According to Kabbalah, the Creator and Nature are the same.

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The Pioneers Of The New World?

a-new-years-wish-to-the-worldA question I received: In a recent answer you gave you said that the capitalist system of America was evil because it focused on the self rather than on the whole of society as so many other countries do. However, how do you account for the fact that the citizens of the U.S. give more to global charity than any other nation and exceed all of Europe in their charitable giving?

It seems to me that the New World that emerges out of the current global crisis will come from the ingenuity and ambition of the American people which comes from a pioneering spirit that is fueled by an independent and capitalist system.

All people of sound mind, no matter how wealthy come to the point of giving. If one looks at the life of many wealthy capitalists, including, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and many, many others… they have given a great deal to society. Don’t you agree?

My Answer: The system is a thing of the past, because it is built on competition, rather than on unity of people. The system has become opposite to Nature, and therefore needs to be changed into one that is congruent with Nature. To the extent that we stay opposite, we will suffer blows and setbacks.

As for the American spirit – to be pioneers and set an example for the rest of the world – I agree!  But what does it mean today, if not to show the world the proper example of friendliness and mutual benevolent connection?

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A True Diagnosis Is Half The Cure

correctA question I received: Is there some optimistic side to the current crisis?

My Answer: I am the greatest optimist with regard to the crisis. Kabbalists see it as the starting point for our humanity’s correction and the end of all of our misfortunes.

The present crisis shows us how separated we are. The lack of unity is being revealed in almost everything: in the economy, trade, and in all social and political relationships.

We still lack a common understanding of the fact that egoism is the cause of all evil, but more and more people are already beginning to realize that the root of the problem is in the relationships among people, meaning that we should not just build the proper economic or other mutually beneficial connections. We are required in this global world to make heart to heart connections, and this is precisely what Nature is demanding from and dictating to us.

We should understand that we depend on each other and that the realization of this interdependence will enable us to achieve love. Of course, this is a gradual process, but the current crisis is just its beginning. This is the stage when the symptoms of the illness are being revealed and the diagnosis is being given. We need to reveal just how incorrect the system of our relationships really is. This will be the last stage, the end of humanity’s troubles.

Humanity’s previous stages of development had to pass practically without the person’s personal participation. Only now has the time come for Kabbalah to be revealed as the means of correction, and only now will the person be able to affect his fate by himself. Until recently, we had no opportunity to change anything.

This continued until the middle of the 20th century, when for the first time the interconnectedness of the system of souls began to be revealed. This revelation is occurring gradually and in the most unpleasant of forms – so that we would understand the need for correction.

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The Creator’s Presidential Puppet

freedomA question I received: What is your take on President Obama’s recent speech in Cairo?

My Answer: Such cliché-filled speeches are a hallmark of any leader.
Everyone wants to open a new page, to restart relationships based on common interests, mutual trust and respect. To conduct an open dialogue, everyone needs to have the same rights and opportunities, aspire to peace, and what’s left is for us to do it together, etc., etc.

It’s written in the Bible “The hearts of rulers are in the hands of the Creator” – in other words, all of them are puppets, carrying out His will. Simple people are the ones who have freedom of will, they are the ones that can influence the Creator, and He, through his presidential puppets, changes the world.

The subject of the science of Kabbalah is how to influence the Creator. Up until now we had to develop egoistically. From our time and on, we have to unite together into one society. With such understanding, we must turn to the Creator for help to achieve that – then the world will become peaceful and kind.

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Creator=Nature=Law Of Bestowal And Love

laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_5054Questions I received about loving your neighbor, God as an illusion, and angels:

Question: Can we say: “Love your neighbor as yourself”? – Love him as if it’s you, since he is you: ultimately, when all the souls connect in you? And that is the Creator. Or is my interpretation wrong?

My Answer: Until the final correction when all the souls become corrected and merge into one, differences between the souls do not disappear; the connection is built despite the disparity.

Question: Why do you need God? Why are you chasing after an illusion?

My Answer: There is no God! There is Creator = Nature = law of bestowal and love, that we attain in our corrected state.

Question: I have a question about Kabbalistic interpretation of the Jehezekel prophecy. Many “scientists” view images in the prophecy as evidence of existence of aliens. How do Kabbalists interpret, for instance what angels are in this prophecy?

My Answer: Angels are forces of bestowal that act between souls.

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