Use Your Knowledge To Gently Guide People To The Source of All Religions

laitman_2009-05-27_8216_w1A question I received: I am a member of a Chile group; I work as a teacher at the University of Protestant Theology, and have a PhD in Practical Theology. The inner conflict that I have been going through relates to my analysis of everything that I have studied for the last 7 years. I understand that Kabbalah should not interfere with my work as a teacher, but it can’t last indefinitely.

I do teach Christian theology, philosophy, Islam and Orthodox Judaism. My path brings me to a conflict with my friends at work, who consider themselves to be wise. I have decided to openly declare my commitment and endorsement of Kabbalah, as the only divine wisdom, capable of correcting the heart. Today, I handed our newspaper across the department and explained to them my view. A lot is at stake, so here’s my question: “What do you think about my actions?”

My Answer: I am concerned with your future at the university, and more precisely, with your source of income. I understand that you can’t remain professionally what you were, before you came to Kabbalah.

I recommend that you start writing comparative research articles, portraying Kabbalah as the source of all religions, while underscoring the similarities and not the differences. It would add purpose to religion (bestowal and love of fellow man) and help guide people to the means of correction. I wouldn’t criticize religions and would even stay away from them!

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Man’s Physical Actions Have No Effect On Climate Change

we-cannotIn the News (translated from MIGnews): Actual and potential victims of global warming appealed to the UN requesting protection and compensation for rising water levels, drought and other harmful effects of climate change.

My Comment: As recent research shows, none of our actions really have any effect on climate changes. The only thing left is to accept the opinion of Kabbalah that we harm Nature by our egoistic desires, since we set ourselves against it. In fact, a human being is the only egoistic element in Nature, and thus causes a break in Nature’s balance and harmony.

The UN must realistically evaluate information and recognize that climate change doesn’t depend on physical human activities. It must recognize that Nature is forcing us to come to balance by merging our desires and thoughts with Nature, since it is human thoughts and desires that can affect Nature and are the differentiators that separate us from the animal level of Nature.

Only when we start searching for different methods of reaching balance with Nature will we find the only true method offered by Kabbalah, the purpose of which is to cause Nature itself to bring out the force of man’s correction.

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The All-Consuming Crisis!

priestIn the News (translated from MIGnews):Fixation on Crisis” – Recently all events are being considered in connection with the crisis. It feels like the crisis became a basis of our life. In other countries, such as Russia, people try not to talk much about the crisis. Certainly, no one is calling for introducing censorship of crisis related content, but it looks like the entire world has become fixated on the crisis.

By the way, Americans have a so-called “theory of positive thinking.” It states that without positive thoughts you cannot advance and will surely not get out of any crisis, whether it’s personal, national, or global.

My Comment: The matter is not in the crisis itself, but in humanity’s state of becoming totally interconnected. Therefore, until we bring our interconnection to equivalence with the qualities of Nature, which are mutual and kind, our condition will continue to worsen. Moreover, it is impossible to convert egoism to altruism with the forces of our world! Only the force that created egoism is able to change it. This force is drawn upon us through the study of Kabbalah because Kabbalah studies this force’s properties and how to draw its influence upon a person.

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How To Live In The New Global Village

international-kabbalah-congress70x70_preview1Egoism became a factor of imbalance, but it doesn’t mean it has to be annulled, we just have to adjust the way we are using it.

Egoistic desire is growing within us and if we don’t “re-set the program” accordingly, each period of its growth will aggravate our condition, which has a lot to be desired as it is. The law of harmonious existence in Nature means that until we install the program called “humanistic interaction” we won’t launch the system.

The fundamental principle of such interaction is relating to another human being as to a close member of your family. Whereas the current system sets conditions for one person using another, the new one will make it unthinkable. It will be tantamount to putting your hand into a flame or stealing from your son.

In the end, we will lose if we stick to the old rules of playing the game. We may continue to fight one another as if someone is good and someone is bad, and exploit one another. As long as the ties between us are severed, nothing will help us and the crisis will deepen. Therefore, we are left with only one choice – to unite by rising above our ego. The true bond means that we behave like people in a “small village” where everyone takes care of one another.

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The One True Science That Can Reveal The World

russia1A question I received: What is the reason for the multitude of presumptions with regard to the science of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Baal HaSulam explains this in many of his articles. Because the science of Kabbalah remained concealed for a long time, humanity tried to find explanations for this hidden wisdom. Since it is hidden, it was thought that it must have some evil powers that should not be put into action, and that if it were revealed to an evil person, he would be able to use it to the detriment of others, like, for example, the curse of “Pulsa de Nura” and others.

How silly it is to believe such things in our times! But to this day there are people who are convinced that it is possible to do lots of damage to the whole world through these actions, and that it all came from Kabbalah.

In addition, Kabbalists themselves were determined to distance the people from the science of Kabbalah and to give them a chance to reveal their extreme ignorance. They gave people an opportunity to figure out their inner confusion and to discover their limitations, mature towards the truth, and to find it on their own, through personal experience, rational thought, and common sense. In essence, throughout all human history, people have been striving to find the truth, which has still not been revealed.

After all, we know that even our sciences develop with the help of our imagination. A scientist imagines some theory, begins to check his presumptions, and thereby makes some discovery. This is called “performing research to confirm a hypothesis” – research through the imagination. Only the science of Kabbalah does not develop through the imagination, since it is impossible to imagine anything pertaining to the spiritual world beginning from the material world.

Therefore, by revealing all suppositions, a person comes to the only science that does not contain anything unreal, and in which everything is revealed only directly from experience, and not from theories or assumptions.

Another aspect that makes Kabbalah amazing is the fact that it reveals a new world within a person’s new quality, the quality of bestowal.
Kabbalists were interested in having people consider the science of Kabbalah to be everything it was not, so that through this confusion and exclusion, they would clarify what it actually is and come to reveal it when the world was ready for it, which is today.

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