Man’s Physical Actions Have No Effect On Climate Change

we-cannotIn the News (translated from MIGnews): Actual and potential victims of global warming appealed to the UN requesting protection and compensation for rising water levels, drought and other harmful effects of climate change.

My Comment: As recent research shows, none of our actions really have any effect on climate changes. The only thing left is to accept the opinion of Kabbalah that we harm Nature by our egoistic desires, since we set ourselves against it. In fact, a human being is the only egoistic element in Nature, and thus causes a break in Nature’s balance and harmony.

The UN must realistically evaluate information and recognize that climate change doesn’t depend on physical human activities. It must recognize that Nature is forcing us to come to balance by merging our desires and thoughts with Nature, since it is human thoughts and desires that can affect Nature and are the differentiators that separate us from the animal level of Nature.

Only when we start searching for different methods of reaching balance with Nature will we find the only true method offered by Kabbalah, the purpose of which is to cause Nature itself to bring out the force of man’s correction.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    I must disagree that “none of our actions really have any effect on climate changes”. Our actions are driven BY our egoistic desires and therefore, DOES have a direct impact on climate changes. Does this make sense?

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